National University, Bangladesh
LLB Preliminary Syllabus
Course Title: Constitutional Law of Bangladesh, UK and USA
Course Code: LAW 105 (New Course Code: LAW 505)

Group A: Constitutional Law of Bangladesh
  1. History of the Proclamation of Independence, 1971 and the Provisional Constitutional of Bangladesh Order, 1972.
  2. Preparation and Adoption of the Bangladesh Constitution on 4 November, 1972. Salient Features of the Original Constitution of Bangladesh.
  3. Preamble of the Original Constitution of Bangladesh, Fundamental Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Rights.
  4. Executive: President - His Powers and Functions, Impeachment and Removal of the President, Ordinance, Making Powers of the President, Emergency Provisions, Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministerial Responsibility.
  5. Legislature: Composition and Functions of Parliament, Privileges and Immunities, of the Members of Parliament, Constitutional mendment and Delegated Legislation, Anti-Defection Law in Article 70 of the Constitution and Development of parliamentary Democracy in Bangladesh.
  6. Judiciary: Independence of Judiciary, Composition, Powers and Functions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Writ Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and Judicial Review.
  7. Local Government.
  8. Major Amendments of the Bangladesh Constitution and Basic Structure Principle.
  9. Constitutionalism in Bangladesh and Martial Law Regimes.

Group B: Constitutional Law of the United Kingdom
  1. Sources and Characteristics of the British Constitution.
  2. Conventions of the Constitution.
  3. Parliamentary Sovereignty.
  4. The Monarchy and Royal Prerogatives.
  5. Prime Minister, Cabinet, Ministerial Responsibility: Individual Responsibility and Collective responsibility.
  6. Judiciary and Parliamentary Sovereignty.
  7. Rule of Law.
  8. Parliamentary Sovereignty and European Union Law.

Group C: Constitutional Law of the United States of America
  1. Historical Development and Basic Features of The Constitution of the USA.
  2. Separation of Powers and the Powers of US President, Congress and Federal Judiciary.
  3. Executive: President-Powers and Functions and Impeachment.
  4. Legislature: Congress-Composition, Powers and Functions.
  5. Judiciary: Supreme Court of the US And Judicial Review.

N.B: There will be six questions from Group A and the students will have to answer four questions (4 x 12.5 = 50). There will be four questions from Group B and students will have to answer two questions (2 x 12.5 = 25). There will be four questions from Group C and students will have to answer two questions (2 x 12.5 = 25).


Attention Please! This syllabus is published according to old syllabus. If you have any update, please inform us via comments. We will update ASAP.

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