Course Title: Fiscal Law
Course Code: Law 107/ Law 507
LLB Preliminary under National University, Bangladesh

Important Short Notes: Fiscal Law

  1. Income
  2. Salary
  3. Income Tax Rate of the Income Tax Year 2011-2012
  4. Tax
  5. Transfer
  6. Finance Act and S.R.O.
  7. Bond washing
  8. Deputy Commissioner of Taxes
  9. Resident
  10. Residential status of an assesses
  11. Peculation Business
  12. Tax  settlement commission
  13. Capital Gain
  14. Wealth Tax and Wealth Tax Act
  15. Gift Tax and Gift Tax Act
  16. Value Added Tax (VAT)
  17. Net Wealth
  18. Income Year
  19. Assessment Year
  20. Fair Market Value
  21. Self assessment procedure
  22. Perquisites
  23. Tax-holiday
  24. Tax Rebate
  25. Tax free/ tax exempted income
  26. National Board of Revenue
  27. Depreciation
  28. Normal Depreciation
  29. Extra Shift Depreciation
  30. Terminal or Balancing Depreciation
  31. Initial Depreciation
  32. Accelerated Depreciation
  33. Unabsorbed Depreciation
  34. Agricultural Income
  35. Annual value
  36. Capital Asset
  37. Assesses
  38. Double Taxation Relief
  39. Royalty
  40. Self-resident
  41. Commissioner
  42. Income Tax Refund
  43. Sales Tax
  44. Amalgamation
  45. Income Tax and VAT
  46. Company
  47. Tax concealment and Tax evasion

Important Short Notes for NU LLB Preliminary Students:

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