Course Title: Equity, Trust, Specific Relief and Hindu Law
Course Code: Law 104/ Law 504
LLB Preliminary under National University, Bangladesh

Important Short Notes:

  1. Doctrine of representative
  2. Cestue que trust
  3. Constructive trust
  4. Executed trust
  5. Consequential relief
  6. Part-performance of a contract
  7. Mandatory injunction
  8. Injunction to perform negative agreement
  9. Stridhan
  10. Sapinda
  11. Factum valet
  12. Impartible estate
  13. Gains of science
  14. Legal necessity
  15. Bandhu
  16. Joint Family
  17. Gandharva form of marriage
  18. Factum valete
  19. Karta
  20. Co-parcenary
  21. Average clause
  22. A trust does not fall just for want of a trustee
  23. Sabayet

Important Short Notes for NU LLB Preliminary Students:

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