Course Title: Law of Contract and Tort
Course Code: Law 102/ Law 502
LLB Preliminary under National University, Bangladesh

Important Short Notes:

  1. Offer and Acceptance
  2. Legal damage
  3. Remoteness of damage
  4. Legality of object
  5. Contract of guarantee
  6. Last opportunity rule
  7. 45 Degree Rule
  8. Innuendo
  9. Ubi jus ibi remedium
  10. False Imprisonment
  11. Contingent contract
  12. Contract of bailment
  13. Res Ipsa Loquiter
  14. Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Non-feasance
  15. Consent or Volenti non fit injuria
  16. Jus-tersii
  17. Nuisance
  18. Public nuisance
  19. Assault nd Battery
  20. Trespass ab Initio
  21. Voleti not-fit Injuria
  22. Damnum Sine Injuria
  23. Rule of Double Action
  24. Qualified privilege
  25. Doctrine of alternative danger
  26. An alien enemy
  27. A married woman
  28. A convict under death sentence
  29. The corpoortion
  30. Insolvent
  31. Rylands Vs Flatcher rule
  32. Scienter rule
  33. Past consideration
  34. Standard form of contract
  35. Undue influence
  36. Wagering contracts
  37. Quantum merit
  38. Vicarious
  39. Defamation
  40. Libel and Slander
  41. Vacarious Liability
  42. Negligence
  43. Conversion
  44. Private nuisance
  45. Strict and Absolute liability
  46. Malicious prosecution

Important Short Notes for NU LLB Preliminary Students:

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