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HSC Exam - 2016 | English 1st Paper Suggestion | Jessore Board

HSC Exam - 2016
English 1st Paper Suggestion
(For Jessore Board)

HSC English 1st Paper Exam - 2016 Suggestion for Jessore Board

Higher Secondery School Certificate (HSC) exam is an important exam in Bangladesh. It is 2yrs course, after passing Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Bangladesh students are qualified to admit at HSC.
Part A - Seen Comprehension 
(Question No. 1-8; 1st & 2nd Passage)
Marks - 40
  • Communicative Competent refers to ... .. .
  • Human, Animals, and plant... .. .
  • In The Past... .. .
  • Working opportunities for women... .. .
  • Sports are a popular form of entertainment... .. .
  • Esmail Hossain in an affluent man now... .. .
  • The Unit by Which... .. .
  • Literacy as a skill was first institutionalized... .. .
  • It has been over three hundred years... .. .
  • His name was Jerry... .. .
  • A Society’s Culture... .. .
  • The world is producing millions of tens of domestic... .. .
  • Electronic mail popularly known as e-mail... .. .
  • The village small nestling away in... .. .
  • There have been significant changes... .. .
  • Feeding the ever-growing population... .. .
  • Scientists have always wondered it there... .. .
  • Bangladesh is... .. .
  • The Most Significant... .. .
  • Bonsai is the... .. .
  • Gender discrimination... .. .
  • Statistics... .. .
  • The most significant... .. .

Part B - Vocabulary
(Question No. 9 & 10)
Marks - 20

N.B: This part will be available after getting Test Paper.

Part C - Guided Writing
(Question No. 11-13)
Marks - 40

N.B: Suggestion for Question No. 11 & 12, will be available after getting Test Paper.

Question No. 13: Paragraph Writing
  • Deforestation/ Tree Plantation
  • Global Warming/ Green House Effect/ Climate Change
  • Earth Quake
  • Internet/ Facebook
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Price Hike/ Spiral
  • Environment Pollution
  • Female Education
  • My Family/ Nuclear Family
  • Bangladesh
  • Premature/ Early Marriage/ The Curse of Dowry
  • College Library/ Magazine
  • Necessity of Learning English/Education
  • A book Fair
  • Good Health
  • Victory Day/ Independence Day
  • Winter Morning
  • Hartal Day

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