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English Grammar: CORRECTION

51) The boy gave me a visit.
Answer: The boy paid me a visit.

52) He gave a good speech.
Answer: He delivered a good speech.

53) He gave the examination.
Answer: He appeared at the examination.

54) I saw a dream last night.
Answer: I dreamt a dream last night.

55) Please cut the line/ word.
Answer: Please pen through the line/word.

56) Please mend your pencil.
Answer: Please sharpen your pencil.

57) Please try to open the knot.
Answer: Please tiy to untie the knot.

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58) We do the sin every day.
Answer: We commit the sin every day.

59) He does the crime daily.
Answer: He commits the crime daily.

60) The girl has done suicide.
Answer: The girl has committed suicide.

61) I did a journey often miles.
Answer: I made a journey often miles.

62) He has done a great mistake.
Answer: He has made a great mistake.

63) He does some mistakes daily.
Answer: He makes some mistakes daily.

64) Please take a cup of tea.
Answer: Please have a cup of tea.

65) Please take a cigarette.
Answer: Please have a cigarette.

66) The man took his meals.
Answer: The man had his meals.

67) He always says the truth.
Answer: He always speaks the truth.

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68) Kamal says English well.
Answer: Kamal speaks English well.

69) The man said me a liar.
Answer: The man called me a liar.

70) The man said me a fool.
Answer: The man called me a fool.

71) Mother said me a story.
Answer: Mother told me a story.

72) The man said about life.
Answer: The man talked about flfe.

73) The man said inc good bye.
Answer: The man bade me good bye.

74) See the ivord in the dictionary.
Answer: Look up the word in the dictionary.

75) Please see niv paper/ script.
Answer: Please look over my paper/ script.

76) Please see my certificate.
Answer: Please look at my certificate.

77) Please see my new building.
Answer: Please look at my new building.

78) The man speaks as he was maci.
Answer: The man speaks as he were mad.

79) He speaks as though he know everything.
Answer: He speaks as though he knew everything.

80) My head is paining today.
Answer: My head is aching today.

81) She was sunk in the river.
Answer: She was drowned in the river.

82) He was hung for murder.
Answer: He was hanged for murder.

83) Columbus invented America.
Answer: Columbus discovered America.

84) The man loves vegetables.
Answer: The man likes vegetables.

85) The man denied to take money.
Answer: The man refused to take money.

86) The man wishes to help the poor.
Answer: The man intends to help the poor.

87) Please hear me what I say.
Answer: Please listen to me what I say.

88) Inform the matter of the police.
Answer: Inform the police of the matter.

89) The boy was died in the accident.
Answer: The boy was killed in the accident.

90) The boy took his birth in a village.
Answer: The boy was born in a village.

91) The boy took admission in B.L College.
Answer: The boy got himself admitted into B.L College.

92) Each boy and each girl were given a prize.
Answer: Each boy and each girl was given a prize.

93) No student conic to college on Friday.
Answer: No student comes to college on Friday.

94) Neither of the girls are pretty.
Answer: Neither of the girls is pretty.

95) Neither the moon nor the stars was seen.
Answer: Neither the moon nor the stars were seen.

96) Rice and curry are favourite food.
Answer: Rice and curry is my favourite food.

97) Slow and steady win the race.
Answer: Slow and steady wins the race.

98) Two miles are a long distance.
Answer: Two miles is a long distance.

99) Many a men ruin his career.
Answer: Many a man ruins his career.

100) Two thousand take are a good sum.
Answer: Two thousand take is a good sum.


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