Some street children sell flowers for extreme poverty. Now write a dialogue between yourself and Mrs. John about the street children.

A dialogue between you and Mrs. John about the street children

A dialogue between myself and Mr. John about the street children.

Myself: Hello! Mr. John, how are you?
Mrs. John: I'm fine and you?

Myself: Fine! Where did you get this flower from?
Mrs. John: I bought it from the street.

Myself: Are flowers sold in the street now-a-days?
Mrs. John: Yes, many street boys sell flowers in some particular places of Dhaka city.

Myself: Which places do they sell flowers?
Mrs. John: They sell flowers before Hotel Sheraton, near Panthapath Road.

Myself: Is flower selling profitable?
Mrs. John: Yes, flower selling is profitable. Many street boys earn their livelihood by selling flowers.

Myself: They should be encouraged.
Mrs. John: I agree with you.

Myself: Thank you.
Mrs. John: Welcome.

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