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Introduction: Television .is the greatest achievement of modem science. It is both a radio arid film, for it carries not only sounds but also picture. We hear in it what people say and also see what they do. And so it is an improvement upon racial which carries sounds alone. It is made of a plastic or wooden box with in which there are transmitting sets. It has a screen in which we can see pictures.

Inventor: It was Mr. Baird who invented television as far back as in 1930. But its progress was halted by the last great world war of 1939.

Description: When the war came to an end in 1945, it spread and became very much popular all over the world. It came to our country in 1962. We have now one TV station in Dhaka. Many more will be set up in soon.

Importance: Words fail to speak of its importance. Very great Indeed is its educative value and the joy it gives. In the evening when we get back home after day’s hard work and sit by a television set we at. once step into a new world.

The whole world of romance and magic and adventure and of fairy tales open before our eyes. We see places and the people and things we have never seen before and perhaps, shall never see in future. We see strange lands, strange people and learn about their ways of living. We see the animals of the world and hear then talk in their own way In a word, we enter into a world of achievements and amusement. We grow wiser and happier than ever before. And we begin to be people all over the world.

Then again, we listen to delightful songs and music and see beautiful dancing. We thus get pure joy that we can never have from any other men as of enjoyment.

Conclusion: But it is an unmixed blessings. It does great harm to students. When they enjoy it at the cost of their studies. We should enjoy it only from. time to time. it also does some harm to eye sight. But then its merits are far greater than its demerits.


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