Write a paragraph in about 120 words on 'Swine Flu' answering the questions given below.
a) What is Swine Flu?
b) How did it spread?
c) What are the symptoms of this disease?
d) How can this be prevented?
e) Is there any medicine to get rid of this disease?


Swine flu is an Influenza virus. It combines birds, swine and common human influenza. The recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico and its rapid spread to other countries is now a major threat to global health.

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Swine flu is a contagious disease and it spreads from person to person. The symptoms of this disease are fever, cough, sore In throat, pain on body, headache etc. A swine flu patient may be attacked with diarrhea and may have vomiting tendency. Severe illness and deaths have occurred as a result of this dangerous disease. Swine flu viruses are spread mainly though coughing or sneezing by people.

Infected with this flu. Swine flu virus spreads in the same way that seasonal flu spreads. To prevent the spread of this disease people should keep their hands clean, sleep a lot, drink plenty of fluids, eat nutritious food and try to stay

In good general health. It is also essential to cover our nose and mouth with a piece of tissue paper or handkerchief or cloth. Swine flu is an incurable disease.

Medicines are not yet available to fight the disease. But all should bear In mind that prevention is better than cure. That means all should be cautious so that the virus cannot spread any more.

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