National University, Bangladesh

Honours 2nd Year (Compulsory) English Suggestion - 2015

05. Poster:

Write/make a poster to create awareness against followings:
  • Eve teasing
  • Terrorism
  • Dowry system
  • Copying in Exam hall
  • Price hike
  • Anthrax
  • AIDS
  • Danger of smoking
  • Drug addiction
  • Reckless driving
  • Dengue fever
  • Pollution about: Water/ Air/ Environment
  • To create awareness about Tree plantation/ Deforest station/ voter registration



  • Suppose, you are the principal of a college will be closed on account of winter vacation. Now, write a notice about it.
  • Suppose, you are the Head of the Department of English. You want to take the test Exam/ Tutorial test for the students of Hons Part (I, II, III,IV). Now, write a notice about it.
  • Suppose, you are the principal of a college. Write a notice for the for first year Degree (Pass) students telling that the classes will remain suspended till the rest examination is over.
  • Write a notice about arranging a meeting/ cultural function/ employees to be punctual in office/ about smoking in the office compound/ college campus.
  • Suppose, you are the principal of a college. Your college will arrange a seminar on victory Day 21st February/ Independence Day/ Pahela Baisakh. Now write a notice about it.
  • You are the Head of the English Department. write a notice for the student to attend 75% classes to quality for the exam.



Write a slogan about followings:
  • Eve teasing
  • Pollution about: Water/ Air/ Environment  
  • World Parents Day
  • Woman's Day
  • All kinds of bad habits
  • Children's right.
  • Food production in Bangladesh
  • Reading newspaper
  • Nirapad Sarak Dibash
  • Tree plantation/ Deforestation
  • To buy and read book

N.B: NU Hons. 2nd Year (Compulsory) English Suggestion - 2015 | Part - 01

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