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Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about "Load Shedding".


Load shedding means the disruption of regular supply of electricity In a particular area for a certain period. It may happen frequently or regularly. When generation of electricity is less than the demand, it causes load shedding. If the generation of power Is not ensured according to the demand, load shedding will continue. The modern civilization, no doubt, depends greatly on power or electricity. The developed countries ensure this supply of electricity successfully.

The consumption of power In modem world Is an Index of development. The country which generate and consumes more power is considered as the more developed country. Today Industrial as well as agricultural production greatly depends on power-supply. If the agricultural and Industrial production is hampered for shortage of electric supply, the effort for economic development as a whole is jeopardized. Thus the economic growth is hampered for load shedding.

The normal life of people is disturbed by load shedding. Students have to suffer a lot for load shedding. Their sufferings know no bound when the examination begins. The frequent disruption of power supply causes Immense suffering In the offices and houses. The housewives face troubles due to load shedding. Electronic goods like refrigerators, televisions, computers, etc sometimes go out of order because of frequent load shedding.

In summer, the sufferings of the people beggar description. People suffer from suffocation due to load shedding. The electric fans cannot move to ease the suffocating heat for load shedding.

The air cooler machines cannot function for this load shedding. Our mills and factories cannot run properly because of load shedding and as a result our production decreases. It results In the delay and decrease of the export commodities which In the long run will badly affect our economic growth. The business centres and commercial Institutions also face problem when load shedding becomes acute.

The education and research centres, cannot work properly because of frequent load shedding. The patients In the hospitals have to undergo untold suffering when load shedding occurs. The print media and electronic media cannot finish their daily work properly because of load shedding. In a word, the life of every man and every sector Is paralysed for frequent load shedding.

When certain areas axe plunged into darkness because of load shedding miscreants as well as anti-social elements come out. They take away money and other things from the people. The hyjackers become awfully busy with hijacking. Thus many anti-social activities continue during load shedding. Government should take necessary measures to Increase the generation of power In order to relieve the people of the curse of load shedding.


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