Introduction: Handicrafts are crafts that are made by hand. The products of handicrafts bear marks of skill of the artisans. They produce a great variety of necessary articles. Cottage industries are also handicrafts.

Their necessity in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is not yet fully industrialized. So many necessary things are being produced by skilled artisans. Bangladesh has a good tradition in the production of handicrafts.

Important products of our handicrafts: Hand loom weaving is an important handicraft of our country. Dhaka was famous for the Moslin. Now fine saris with the works zarees are produced in Dhaka. Saris, Lungis, Gengis etc. are produced everywhere in Bangladesh. The weavers of Dhaka, Tangail, Kushtia, Pabna, Joypurhat and other places produce fine saris. In Noakhali and Malnamati khaddar clothes made of handspun yarn are produced. The conch shell works of the shankharies of Dhaka is famous. Rangpur is famous for its fine ivory carving. Woven clothes, ornaments, carpet craft, works of blacksmith etc. are important handicrafts in Bangladesh.

The price: The artisans are, however, a helpless group of people. They do not get the right price for their products created through long consuming labour. The owners of the city display shops who buy the products in a very cheap rate from the craftsmen in order to sell them to the city people. Putting a high price tag on the things made by the artisans, thus profiting on others exploits.

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Demand In International market: As our handicrafts have got reputation for their design and beauty. It is important that our embassies in abroad should take proper steps in familiarizing our items to the foreigners. They should also regularly take part in international trade fairs to popularise Bangladeshi handicrafts.

Conclusion: In Bangladesh cane and bamboo works of Sylhet are famous for Baskets, tables, chairs etc, are made of canes and bamboos. Sylhet and comilla also produce Sheetal pati. Bangladesh is well-known for clay toy, nets of the fishermen etc. Painted pottery and image making crafts are also beautiful. There is scope for exporting the products of our handicrafts to foreign countries and they can earn a lot of foreign exchange.

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