Essay: COAL

Introduction: Most of the white men generally hate the black men. Children have a natural dislike for the black. And their parents become very sorry when they blacken their fingers with black coal. But coal, although black is held to be the most valuable and useful thing in the world. The white men as well as the black men value coal above everything. For It is so useful that they cannot do without it.

Where found: Coal is found in deep mines in layers. The way in which it is formed deep below the earth and taken out is very strange. Years ago in the long past there were earthquakes and the whole forests went deep down the earth. They remained there for thousands of years and dug the coal out. It is very hard to work in the coal mines. Coolies work there with lamps in hard. Sometimes the mine may catch fire or some layer of earth may give In. And then a large number of coolies have to die. There are coal mines in England, U. S. A. India and in some other parts of the world.

Uses: Coal burns and makes fire in the kitchen and our food Is cooked. It burns in the boiler of ships. steamers and trains and they run as fast as they can. It burns in the furnace and in the factories and mills and the giant machineries arid engines move on in full swing. Without them most of these will be inactive. Although petrol is trying to take its place but It has not yet been able to push It out of use. For petroleum comes out of coal when it is under the earth for longer periods. And from it also comes coal tar which gives us fast days. So it is as useful as ever.

Conclusion: Black and ugly people may take a lesson from coal. Coal is black but It Is so very useful that all like to have it. It is the real work that counts and not the colour. So the real beauty lies in being useful to the world.

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