Write a paragraph In about 125 words ‘Bird Flu’ following the questions given below. a) What is Bird Flu?
b) How far has it been spread?
c) How does it spread?
d) Where how was it detected?
e) What are the symptoms of this disease?
f) How can it be prevented?


Bird flu is a viral disease. It was first detected in human body in 1997 in Hongkong. The virus then spread in the South-east Asian countries such as, Cambodia. Laos. Thailand. Indonesia and Malaysia. Later on it spread in Eastern Asia, Europe. Russia and even in America.

It is a very contagious disease and can spread very quickly among all poultry in a firm from the infected one. Human body receives this virus from the infected birds. Human beings become victim of this virus by taking the meat or eggs of infected chickens, ducks or birds and the consequence is certain death.

This virus lives in flesh, egg, feather and stool of birds. The virus of this disease can remain alive up to four days at a temperature of 22° centigrade. It remains active up to thirty days of 0° centigrade and if frozen it can remain alive forever.

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When a person is infected by this virus, virus symptoms can be seen. fever, cough, pain in throat and muscle are the symptoms of bird flu. In some cases there may be pain in eye, lung and it may lead to death.

To prevent the bird flu virus, measured should be taken to kill all the infected chicks, ducks and birds so that human beings are by no means infected by the virus.

Bird flu virus is also known as HSNI virus.

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