You are Nourin. Imagine you're in an interview board. Write a dialogue between you and the appointing authority (Mr. Naznin).


A dialogue between Nourin ad Mr. Naznin about an interview:

Nourin: May I come in. Mam.
Mrs. Naznin: Yes, please. Have this seat.

Nourin: Thank you. Mam.
Mr. Naznin: It's ok. What's your name?

Nourin: I’m Nourin.
Mr. Naznin: Are you engaged in any Job now?

Nourin: No, Mam, I've just been trying to have a job.
Mr. Naznin: Oh, I see. When have you had your graduation?

Nourin: I've had my B.A. I Honours in 2009.
Mr. Naznin: In which discipline and from where have you had your honors degree?

Nourin: From Dhaka University. I've had my honors degree in English.
Mr. Naznin: Very good. Do you think you will be able to do your job as a tourist guide a challenging job?

Nourin: Yes, Mam. I love challenges.
Mr. Naznin: Are you sure?

Nourin: Yes Mam, I will be able to do my job properly if I am selected for the post.
Mr. Naznin: Well. Do you have computer literacy?

Nourin: Yes, quite well.
Mr. Naznin: Thats very good. what about your language skills?

Nourin: English, Bangla, Hindi, korian language I can speak, understand and write well.
Mr. Naznin: Excellent, You will come tomorrow at this very office.

Nourin: Thank you. Mam.
Mr. Naznin: Welcome.

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