Write a dialogue between you and your friend about Food Pyramid.
(Speaker: Myself and my friend Robin)

Myself : Hi, friend! How are you?
Robin : I’m fine. Thank you, Robin. And you?

Myself : I’m also fine. What is in your hand?
Robin : It is a food pyramid.

Myself : Could you please tell me in detail about it?
Robin : Actually the food pyramid is a chart that contains five groups of foods.

Myself : It will help us a lot to maintain balanced diet.
Robin : At the base of the pyramid bread, cereal, rice, noodles, potatoes, etc are arranged. The fresh fruits and vegetables are in the next group.

Myself : It is really systematic food management!
Robin : The fourth step of the pyramid contains milk, cheese, yogurt and meat, fish, and beans, nuts and eggs.

Myself : What about the fifth step, Robin?
Robin : The fifth step means the top of the pyramid that contains fats, oils, sweets etc.

Myself : Thank you, Robin for your kind information about the food pyramid.
Robin : You are welcome.

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