Suppose you're Shamim and Shahin is your friend. You've been informed that recently some young people in your area have become addicted. Now write a dialogue between yourself and Shahin about the cause, effect and possible suggestion of remedy for this problem.

Dialogue about the cause, effect and possible suggestion of remedy for drug addiction.

A dialogue between Shamim and Shahin about the cause, effect and remedy for this problem.

Shamim: Hello, Shahin. how are you?
Shahin: I'm fine and you?

Shamim: I'm also fine, thank you but I am anxious to know the young people have become addicted to drug.
Shahin: Oh. Very sad news.

Shamim: Think, how can we remove it.
Shahin: Well, firstly we have to find out the proper reasons.

Shamim: Exactly, after that we’ve to try to raise awareness among the young people and their parents about the bad effect of drug.
Shahin: Right, but is it sufficient?

Shamim: Not really, the authority should take proper steps.
Shahin: Well. What's that?

Shamim: They must order the drug sellers to stop selling drugs.
Shahin: Administration alone cannot be successful.

Shamim: Not at all. Common people have to come forward.
Shahin: Of course. Besides, young generation must help them.

Shamim: Yes. the parents should he aware of their children is companion.
Shahin: You're absolutely correct.

Shamim: Another important 1ob may he done.
Shahin: What is it?

Shamim: We have to make them sure that addiction is not final solution of their problem.
Shahin: Yes, And try to help them to find out the way of solution of their problem.

Shamim: Ok. Shahin. Thank you for your nice suggestion.
Shahin: Thank you too.

Shamim: Bye.
Shahin: Bye.

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