A person is sick and he wants to have treatment. Now write a dialogue between a doctor and a patient.

Patient : Good evening, doctor. Could you spend me some minutes, please?
Doctor : Of course, I can.

Patient : I have been suffering from fever for few weeks.
Doctor : What are the signs of your fever? When do you feel temperature?

Patient : It is usually between 5p.m. to 6p.m.
Doctor : When does the fever remit?

Patient : At late hours of the night.
Doctor : Didn’t you take any short of treatment?

Patient : I was under the treatment of a village doctor.
Doctor : Please show me the prescription.

Patient : Here it is, doctor.
Doctor : Oh! He has prescribed you wrong medicine. Let prescribe medicine for you.

Patient : Thank you very much, doctor.
Doctor : Well come.

A dialogue between a doctor and a patient

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