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Word Meaning in English | Part - B

Word Meaning in English : Part - B

Match given words with their meaning:

101. Weak = Frail
102. Animal = Beast
103. Hospital = sanatorium
104. Certainly = Without doubt
105. Interesting = Attracting others attention
106. Journey = An act of visiting
107. Move = To go from one place to another
108. Suddenly = Happening unexpectedly
109. Hurry up = Making a quick preparation
110. Race = A sort of competition

111. Start = To begin something
112. Memorable = Easy to remember
113. City = Metropolis
114. Different= Distinct
115. Early = Premature
116. Ride = Alight
117. Club = A group or association of people
118. Plenty = A large amount
119. Moderately = To an average extent
120. Firefighter = A person who puts out fire

121. Complaint = annoyance
122. Sore = Pain
123. Throat = The front part of neck
124. Prescribe = To suggest something
125. Stay = To continue to be in a place
126. Energy = Mental and physical effort
127. Panic A sudden anxiety
128. Embrace = Clasp
129. Prayer = Devotion
130. Special = Unique

131. Shout = howl
132. Prepared = Arranged
133. Felt = Sensed
134. Ghost = Apparition
135. Regularly = Habitually
136. Visually = Impaired A person who cannot see
137. Love = To express fondness
138. Learner = Who learns something
139. Follow = Pursue
140. Proceed = Advance

141. Soon = Shortly
142. Pray = Beg.
143. Alarming = Terrifying
144. Shout = Scream
145. Draw = Depict
146. Write = Compose
147. Volunteer = A person who does some acts willingly
148. Far = A long distance away
149. Fun = Enjoyment
150. Party = Gathering for pleasure

151. Usually = Generally
152. Different = Not the same
153. Beautiful = Having a lovely appearance
154. New = That was not before
155. Biggest = The largest in size
156. Participate = To take part
157. Occur = To happen
158. Found = To establish something
159. Athlete = A person also takes part in sports
160. Rub = Rinse

161. Trip = A journey
162. Reach = To arnve somewhere
163. Gallery = A room for exhibiting works of art
164. Amazing = Very surprising
165. Oath = A formal promise
166. Happy = Feeling pleasure
167. Grocery = Foods and other household supplies
168. Camp = Tents used by scouts
169. Signal = That serves information
170. March-past = Parade show

171. Display = To expose something
172. Garden = A piece of land for growing flowers
173. Remote = Distant
174. Drizzling = Lightly rain
175. Screaming = Shouting
176. Faint = Weak
177. Move = To shift from one place to another
178. Manage = To maintain
179. Ruin = To abolish something
180. Common = Very familiar

181. Like = To show preference


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