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Word Meaning in English | Part - A

Word Meaning in English : Part - A

Match given words with their meaning:

01. Important = Having a great effect
02. Special = Something very unique
03. Coral = A hard substance lies on the bottom of the sea
04. Love = To adore
05. Like = Allied
06. Go = To move from one place to another
07. Parents = Father and mother
08. Stand = Erect
09. Apartment = Any floor of a building
10. Excited = Incited

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11. Show = Exhibit
12. Wonderful = Charming and beautiful
13. Turtles = A kind of sea animal
14. Cruise = A journey by sea
15. Always = Constantly
16. Friendly = Kind
17. Neighbor = A person who lies nearby
18. Joke = Frolic
19. Trap = Hazard
20. Write Draft

21. Lonely = Destitute

22. Witty = Comic
23. Around = About
24. Banker = A person who works in a bank
25. Huge = Extremely large in size
26. Sad = Mournful
27. Feather = Plume
28. Fine = splendid
29. Start = commence
30. Well-known = Known to a lot of people

31. Take = Adopt
32. Name = Epithet
33. Poet = A person who rites poetry
34. Master = A skilled person
35. Popular = Liked by a large number of people
36. Head = Cranium
37. Like = equivalent
38. Miss = Omit
39. Ape = primate
40. Housewife = A woman who does household activities

41. Monkey = Primate
42. Put = Deposit
43. Rest = Break
44. Suddenly = Abruptly
45. Surprised = Amazed
46. Tree = Shrub
47. Train = To teach skills to somebody
48. Serious = Dangerous
49. Prevent = To stop something
50. Consist = To involve something

51. College = An educational institute
52. Famous = Known by many people
53. Feather = Quill
54. Celebrate = Perform
55. Work = Labour
56. Little = Infant
57. Relative = Kinsman
58. Love = Affection
59. Brown = Grey
60. Crocodile = Alligator
61. Jump = Bounce

62. Bright = Flashing
63. Noise = Clatter
64. Magician = Wonder-worker
65. Flame = Bum
66. Tremble = Shiver
67. Pray = Plead
68. Put = place
69. See = Stare at
70. Shout = Roar

71. More = Additional
72. New = Recent
73. Make = Create
74. Tell = Utter
75. Home = Abode
76. Listen = To hear with concentration
77. Take = Capture
78. Tired = Drowsy
79. Stand = Rise
80. Embrace = Grasp

81. Finish = Conclude
82. Regularly = Periodically
83. Serious = Critical
84. Often = Happening now and then
85. Foreigner = A person from another country
86. Weak = Fragile
87. Put = Set
88. Complaint = Accusation
89. Deep = Profound
90. Serious = Grave

91. Believe = Trust
92. Exhibit = To display something
93. Martyrs = A person who dies for a noble cause
94. Jamboree = A large international gathering of scouts
95. Forest = A large area of land covered with trees
96. Tree = Bush
97. Heart = Stow
98. Shake = Vibration
99. Practice = To do something repeatedly
100. Shake = Move


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