101. Shop - We went to a bird-shop.
102. Independent - Bangladesh became independent in 1971.
103. Embrace - After Lid-prayer we embrace each other.
104. Helpful - Aslam is very helpful.
105. Cage - The bird was kept in a cage.
106. Listen to - We always listen to our teachers and parents.
107. Look for - The cap-seller was looking for his caps.
108. Bring - Mim told the genie to bring some food.
109. Finish - Our school finishes at 4 p.m.
110. Make - The birds were making a lot of noise.
111. Noise - The birds were making a lot of noise.
112. Eid - We celebrate to Eids in a year.
113. Prayer - Habib's mother told Hanif to come after the prayer.
114. Magician - The stranger was really a magician.
115. Feathers - A parrot has a red beak and green feathers.
116. Prepare - They were preparing for the examination.
117. Live in - We live in Dhaka.
118. Eid-prayer - After Eld-prayer we embrace each other.
119. Serious - Salina’s illness was not serious.
120. A lot of - Wc saw a lot of mammal animals in the zoo.
121. Kinds of - There are many kinds of wild animals in the Sundarbans.
122. Peaceful - Bangladesh is a peaceful country.
123. Interesting - There are many interesting places in Bangladesh.
124. Capital - Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh.
125. Cloudy - The sky was cloudy that day.
126. Curious-The students were very curious to learn.
127. Always - Tamim is always helpful.
128. Agricultural -. Bangladesh is an agricultural country.
129. Excited - All the students were excited.
130. Famous - Our school is very famous for sports.
131. Favourite -Kite-flying is my favourite hobby.
132. Message - I got an email message.
133. Population - Our population will be an asset in future.
134. Suffering - Nashir was suffering from ulcer.
135. Visit - Many foreigners visit our country every year.
136. Weak - Shima was weak and ill.
137. Riddle - A riddle is a clever question with an intelligent answer.
138. Soon - I shall write my friend soon.
139. Sidewalk - Shihab stood on the sidewalk and looked down.
140. Silence - There was silence everywhere.
141. Handsome - Robin is a handsome boy.
142. Nice - Rima lives in a nice house.
143. Over - Our examination will be over next day.
144. Quickly - The cap-seller left the place quickly.
145. Promise - We should keep our promise.
146. Matter - The matter was very serious.
147. Meanwhile - Meanwhile the bell rang.
148. Want - This year the students want to learn about the minutes.
149. According to - I have followed according to his instructions.
150. Than - Salim is better than Kamal.

N.B: To read, Making Sentences | Part - A

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