51. Beach - Cox's Bazar is the longest beach in the world.
52. Peaceful - Bangladesh is a peaceful country.
53. Handsome- Mr. John looks quite handsome.
54. Complete - I completed the paragraph about Sonia.
55. Wear - The monkeys were wearing the caps.

56. Collect - The cap-seller collected the caps and left the place.
57. Fast - Sufia has fasted for 10 days.
58. Embrace - After the prayer, they embraced each other.
59. Notice - She noticed a road high over their head.
60. Pillar - Flyovers are built on pillars over another road.
61. Construct - A Chinese company has constructed the Mohakhali flyover.
62. Midnight - Ii was almost midnight.
63. Transport - There was no transport on the road.
64. Silence - He was silence all around.
65. Decide - She decided to see what made the sound.

66. Imaginary - The sight of an imaginary ghost made him nervous.
67. Magician - Shamim's uncle was a magician.
68. Tremble - Salim was trembling to see the genie.
69. Happily - She lived happily with his mother.
70. Vanish - The big genie vanished.
71. Dusty -The lamp as dusty
72. Stranger - The stranger was a magician.
73. Staircase - lie saw a staircase leading to a door.
74. Spin - She had to spin cotton to Support her family.
75. Hump - Camels have humps on their back.
76. Wonderful - I had a wonderful time in new York.
77. Noise - Students were making noise.
78. Busy - My mother remains busy the whole week.
79. Whole - My mother remains busy the whole week
80. Brick - Our school has brick walls.
81. Strange - Erin found herself in a strange place.
82. Vacant - I wanted a vacant room.
83. Giant - Some children used to play in the giant's garden.
84. Haircut - I have my haircut once in a month.
85. Carry - Rubin was carrying a camera.
86. Competition - The spoils competition was over.
87. Realize - He realized everything.
88. Incident - That incident was a memorable event for Juboraj.
89. Sidewalk - Habib stood on the sidewalk of the flyover.
90. Slave - It was the genie of the ring.
91. Silent - Rafiq remained silent all the time.
92. Tears - Hearing the sad news, tears came into my eyes.
93. Tailor - Shirin’s father was a tailor.
94. Playground - We play in our school playground.
95. Rhymes - I bought a book of rhymes.
96. Dear - My father is very dear to me.
97. Greet - Our teacher greeted us before starting the lesson.
98. Celebrate - We celebrate Lid after Ramadan.
99. Surprised - Flora was surprised to see so many tall building.
100. Return - The students returned home in the evening.

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