1. Assistant - Mr. Robin is a shop assistant.
2. Kindness - I thanked the doctor for his kindness.
3. Can - I can help my mother.
4. District - Mr. John is in the district hospital.
5. Leap - He can leap like a horse.
6. Hospital - Mr. Jack is in the district hospital.
7. Sad - Robin became sad after her examination.
8. Climb - He can climb tree.
9. Hop - Mr. Jamil hopped in the bar.
10. Trot - A horse can trot.

11. Fly - Birds fly in the sky.
12. Copy - I can copy the words all.
13. None - None can avoid death.
14. Pain - Robin's aunt has a lot of pain.
15. Curious - All the students became curious.

16. Curiosity - I could understand my friend's curiosity.
17. Forward - My friends came forward to help me.
18. Bring - I always try to bring book in our classroom.
19. Something - We want to do something good today.
20. Worry - All the students became worried.
21. Quarter - It was quarter past eleven.
22. Department - He works in a department store.
23. Shift - I read in the morning shift of our school.
24. Serve - John serves the customers nicely.
25. Interesting - Robin's job is interesting to her.
26. Paragraph - Write a short paragraph about yourself.
27. Complaint - Rony had no serious complaint.
28. Prescription - The doctor gave Salina a prescription.
29. Rain - It rains cats and dogs in rainy season.
30. Possible - It is possible to go to Dhaka by bus.
31. Friendly - Salim is always friendly.
32. Helpful - Mr. Jamal is a very helpful person.
33. Visit - We visited the public library yesterday.
34. Joke - Azmol tells us jokes and riddle.
35. Beak - Parrot has a red beak.
36. Common - The crow is a common bird.
37. Seasonal - The cuckoo is a seasonal bird.
38. Witty - Mr. Kamal is a witty person.
39. Imitate - Monkeys like to imitate.
40. Stranger - The stranger was really a magician.
41. Spring - We can see the cuckoo in spring.
42. Cage - Birds are not happy in cages.
43. Surprised - Sonia became surprised to see the buildings.
44. Hyphen - We usually use hyphen to join two words together.
45. Birthday - That day was Naznin's birthday.
46. Tub - Shimu jumped into the tub.
47. Noise - Razu made a lot of noise.
48. Feather - The bird had green feather.
49. Independent - Japan is an independent country.
50. Interesting - The place was very interesting.

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