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Important Abbreviations Related to Finance

Abbreviations Related to Finance

AC : Amortized Cost
A/L : Assets/ Liabilities
AIR : Assumed Interest Rate
APR : Annual Percentage Rate
ARM : Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ATM : Automatic Teller Machine

BS or, B/S : Balance Sheet

CD : Certificate of Deposit
CB : Current Bid
CF : Cash Flow
CPM : Credit Portfolio Management
CMP : Current Market Price
CAGR : Compound annual growth rate
CAPEX : Capital Expenditures
CR : Credit Risk

DCF : Discounted Cash Flow

EBIT : Earning Before Interest and Taxes
EBITDA : Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization
ECF : Expected Cash Flow
ECP : Effective Cash Pooling
EIR : Effective Interest Rate
EPS : Earnings Per Share

F&R : Finance and Risk
FMA : Financial Market Authority
FX : Forex
FOREX : Foreign Exchange
FRB : Federal Reserve Board
FRB : Floating Rate Bond
FRN : Floating Rate Note
FT : Financial Transaction
FTP : Funds Transfer Pricing

GDP : Gross Domestic Product
GNP : Gross National Product

HTM : Held to Maturity

IC : Index Currency
IRA : Individual Retirement Account
IPO : Initial Public Offering
IRA : Individual Retirement Account
ISO : International Organization for Standardization


KRI : Key Risk Indicators

LC : Local Currency
LCR : Liquidity Coverage Ratio
LLC : Limited Liability Company
LR : Liquidity Risk
LRM : Liquidity and Risk Management

M&A : Mergers and Acquisitions
MMKT : Money Market

NAV : Net Asset Value


P&L : Profit and Loss
P/E : Price:to:earnings ratio
PSP : Profit Sharing Plan


REIT : Real Estate Investment Trust
ROA : Return on assets
ROE : Return on Equity
ROI : Return on Investment
ROS : Return on Sales

SEC : Securities Exchange Commission

TCO : Total Cost of Ownership

UIB : Unpaid Interest Balance
UIC : Update Internal Costs
UL : Unexpected Loss

VAT : Value Added Tax



YTM : Yield To Maturity



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