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Importance of Computer Education

Composition: Importance of Computer Education

Science has showered plenty of new inventions for the ease and comfort of human being. Computer is one of them. It is the best invention of modern science as it has opened a lot of new scopes of knowledge and work. Since the primitive time man is inquisitive. He is inventing new things just to solve the problems of life, to save time and to enrich human knowledge. Computer has so far given the scope of both educations just to keep pace with the advanced world. Otherwise it will lag behind.

The root of computer is ‘compute’ that means to do math or to calculate something. It is a device for storing and analyzing information fed into it. It makes calculations and controls the machinery automatically. It is a set of four things generally, a monitor which has a screen, a PC, a mouse and a key board.

The main parts of a personal computer are:
a. The input unit
b. The output unit
c. CPU or Central Processing Unit.

The CPU is further formed of three units. There are:
1. Memory Unit
2. Central Command Unit
3. Arithmetic Unit.

The computer has entered into its fourth generation and the improvement is still going on. The IBM-64, the ESDAC etc. are fascinating computers.

As computer can be used in every aspect of life its importance is very great. It is used in all commercial sectors, public institutions, research facilities, space technologies, universities, colleges and schools, Information technology and internet has given has given it a new dimension. People who learn it and become skilled are good professional. They have become the assets of a country. Computer literate people are also in high demand in overseas country. If our country can produce earn high amount of foreign currency. A country can also export hardware and software and thus earn foreign money. India, our closet neighbor has achieved great success in this field.

The world has advanced tremendously. It will be foolish not to keep pace with the advancement of the world. If a country can manipulate the modern tools and technologies it will surely succeed. And so far computer is the magic tool by learning which we can change our life standard. We all should come forward to take the full benefit of this boon of science.


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