MCQ: English MCQ (Part - 05)

57. Acid tasted _____.
a) sour
b) sweet
c) sharp
d) fine

Answer: c) sharp

58. Ordinary rainwater is _____ acidic.
a) very
b) somewhat
c) much
d) strongly

Answer: b) somewhat

59. The cause of acid rain is_____.
a) population
b) farming
c) pollution
d) smoking

Answer: c) pollution

60. Acid rain is _____ to health.
a) beneficial
b) benevolent
c) helpful
d) injurious

Answer: d) injurious

61. Harmful chemical is the _____ of acid rain.
a) ingredient
b) sparking
c) result
d) consequence

Answer: a) ingredient

62. _____ are affected by acid pollution.
a) The colour of paint
b) Leather
c) Bi1iIding materials
d) All the above

Answer: d) All the above

63. The Taj Mahal is situated in _____.
a) Pakistan
b) Bangladesh
c) India
e) Iraq

Answer: c) India

64. One of the first indicators of acid pollution is damage to _____.
a) the trees
b) the Taj Mahal
c) the leather
d) the building materials

Answer: b) the Taj Mahal

65. Acid rain can release _____ chemical and metals into drinking water.
a) harmful
b) various
c) unknown
d) uncommon

Answer: a) harmful

66. Colour of stained glass windows can be caused to _____ by acid rain.
a) darken
b) disappear
c) break up
d) discolour

Answer: d) discolour

67. 67. We often _____ a victim of circumstances.
a) fallen
b) felt
c) did fall
d) fall

Answer: d) fall

68. If I knew the answer, _____ tell you.
a) I'll
b) I'd
c) I must
d) I can

Answer: b) I'd

69. Which one is correct spelling?
a) Posesion
b) Possession
c) Posesion
d) Possesion

Answer: b) Possession

70. 'The siolitary reaper' is a _____.
a) heroic poem
b) Romantic poem
c) classical poem
d) none

Answer: b) Romantic poem

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