Unseen Comprehension about Birds

Birds make our world more scenic and vibrate. They also play major role in maintaining the ecological balance of our environment. We cannot imagine a world without birds. Similarly, we cannot think of a world devoid of colours. This natural species give a different and animated look to our natural world.

From the very beginning man has been taking special care of birds. Birds are symbols of purity and beauty. A bird is like a child and perhaps for that reason a child likes the chirping of birds. The children find the sound very attractive. Without birds, the natural world appears pale and colourless.

Human overpopulation is one of the factors that have made some specials of birds nearly extinct. Once, Bangladesh was the land of various kinds of birds. But in the last few decades, some specials of birds are being threatened with extinction. In this condition some dedicated people have taken up an initiative so that it can save birds from this threatened state. Bangladesh Cage Bird Breeder’s Associate was formed so that it could assemble the bird’s lovers and shape some rules to help the cage bird breeders. There are three kinds of cage birds in Bangladesh, namely, finch, parakeet and dove.

Finch is divided into several sections as zebra category ate most easy to domesticate. Parakeet is divided into several sections such as love birds, budgerigars, splendid parakeet and cocktail. The classification of dove is diamond dove and Burberry dove. This type of birds is very popular among the bird enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Food-Rate, seeds of flowers, wheat, mustard, water and other kinds og foods are available here and can provide almost all the nutrients. Our land is suitable for many categories of birds.

Keeping birds is not very excpensive. It needs paddy costing only taka ten to feed a bird for a full month! Sunflower seeds are best for birds. One kg can be easily bought for taka 30.

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