Unseen Comprehension about Examination Strategy

Strategy is an appropriate word to use for your approach to the examination on the day. It has been said that about 50 percent of your chances of success related to your examination skill rather than to your subject knowledge.

So check and double-check your exam dates and times. Check what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to take I in with you and have these ready the day before. Budget your time. Do not waste time elaborating adequate answers if you ought to be moving to the next question. Always attempt to answer all the questions.

Follow the instructions. It is a good idea a double-check this before the exam. Read through the whole question [paper before starting to write. Take each question as you come to it and think how you might cope with it. Then move on to the next question and do the same again. By the time you get to the last five minutes per question thinking easier than they seemed at first glance. Spend at least five minutes per question thinking about and planning your answer. This is never a waste of time.

Underline the key words in the questions that indicate what you are required to do. Again, it is useful half way through writing the answer, to check back that you are doing what you should. Make your answer legible. You can’t change your handwriting but if very tiny or very large use is double spacing to make it easy on the eye for the reader.

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