In order to live well we need to eat different kinds of foods that contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral salts and water. That is, we should eat the necessary quantity of food of every kind in order to fulfill the various requirements of our body and for the harmonious growth of it.

In other words, for the proper growth of our body and for keeping it healthy we should eat a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is a combination of each kind of food, which is necessary to maintain a good physical health and for proper functioning of our body. It consists of right proportion of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, fat, mineral salts and water. By eating as much of each kind of food as the body need, we can get this balanced diet.

A balanced diet gives us energy, keeps our body fit for work and helps us grow properly.

To eat a balanced diet we should, therefore, prepare a chart showing necessary quantities of different kinds of food to be taken every day.

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