01. We were watching the news when the telephone_____. (ring)
Answer: rang

02. He talks as if he _____ everything. (know)
Answer: knew

03. He was debarred from _____ the examination.
Answer: taking

04. I wish I_____ a king. (be)
Answer: were

05. I wish I _____ wonderful man.
Answer: were

06. The sun _____, they went home. (set)
Answer: having set

07. Would you mind _____ the door?
Answer: opening

08. Alexander Gramham Bell _____ the telephone. (invent)
Answer: invented

09. Since 1995, Fatema _____ in Dhaka. (live)
Answer: lived

10. It’s time you _____ your mistake. (realize)
Answer: realized

11. The teacher made the children _____ the book. (read)
Answer: read

12. There are people who can’t help _____ when they see someone slip on a banana skin. (laugh)
Answer: laughing

13. Ill news _____ apace. (run)
Answer: runs

14. You had better _____. (stay)
Answer: stay

15. Next August, Lata and Tanim _____ for 10 years. (marry)
Answer: will have married

16. We were watching the news when the telephone _____. (ring)
Answer: rang

17. He looks as though he _____ a ghost. (see)
Answer: saw

18. Some days _____ since my father died. (have passed)
Answer: have passed

19. It is 10 am now. The sun _____ in the eastern sky. (shine)
Answer: is shining

20. We often _____ a victim of circumstances. (fall)
Answer: fall

21. I heard the baby _____ for his food. (cry)
Answer: crying

22. The constable _____ the thief. (arrest)
Answer: arrested

23. Telling lies _____ a great sin. (be)
Answer: is

24. It is time you _____ for new job. (look)
Answer: looked

25. The mob _____ dispersed. (be)
Answer: are

26. It is not worth _____ to shopping now. (go)
Answer: going

27. The picture was _____ on the wall. (to hang)
Answer: hung

28. Everybody _____ there. (go)
Answer: has gone

29. They _____ the cannal for a week. (dig)
Answer: have been digging

30. She found the boy _____. (cry)
Answer: crying

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