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Passage Narration | Part - 05

Passage Narration

41. The traveler said, “Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?” “Yes,” said the peasant. “Do you want one in which you can spend the night?” “No,” replaid the traveler. “I only want a meal.”

Answer: The traveler asked the peasant if he (P) could tell him (T) the way to the nearest inn. The peasant replied in the affirmative and asked him if he (T) wanted one in which he (T) could spend the night. The traveler replied in the negative that he only wanted a meal.

42. Jamil said to me, “Have you finished reading the book I gave you yesterday?” “Yes, I have finished reading the book,” I replied. “What an interesting book it is! I wish I would borrow the book earlier,” I said. “Will you return the book to me today? he said.

Answer: Jamil asked me if I had finished reading the book he had given me the previous day. I replied in the affirmative and added that I had finished reading the book. I exclaimed with delight that it was a very interesting book. Further I wished that I might borrow the book earlier. He asked me if I would return the book to him that day.

43 “Don't you understand what I discuss in the class?” said the teacher. “Yes, Sir but we are afraid of reading English. So we are too weak in English.” replied the students. “Read attentively and you will overcome your fear,” said the teacher.

Answer: The teacher asked if they didn't understand what he (T) discussed in the class. The student replied in the affirmative. But they said that they were afraid of reading English that is why they were too weak in English. The teacher advised them to read attentively and they would overcome their fear.

44. “What is the time by your watch?” he said. “It is half past nine,” I said. He said, “I want to go to the college. Would you accompany me, please?” “No, I am sorry,” replied I.

Answer: He asked me what the time was by my watch. I replied that it was half past nine. Then he added that he wanted to go to the college. He also asked me if I would accompany him kindly. I replied in the negative and said that I was sorry.

45. “Where do you like to go, Sir? said the ticket officer to the passenger. “I want to go to Chittagong,” said the passenger. “How many tickets do you need?” “I need five tickets” “Here are the tickets. They will cost one thousand taka,” said the ticket officer.

Answer: The passenger respectfully asked the ticket officer where he (P) liked to go. The passenger replied that he (P) wanted to go to Chittagong. The ticket officer further asked the passenger how many tickets he (P) needed. He then replied that he (p) needed five tickets. Finally the ticket officer said that there were the tickets and they would cost one thousand taka.

46. “What's your programme after the examination?” asked Jamil. Salim said, “I've not yet decided. Can you suggest any?” “Let us go on a picnic.” said Jamil. “What an excellent idea! I shall certainly join with you.” said Salim.

Answer: Jamil asked Salim what his programme was after the examination. Salim replied that he had not yet decided. Then Salim asked him (S) if he could suggest any. Jamil proposed that they should go on a picnic. Salim exclaimed with joy that it was an excellent idea. He said that he would certainly join with him.

47. “Tania, have you done your English lesson today?" asked the teacher. “Yes, Sir, I did it. But I haven't understood some grammatical points.” replied Tania. “Where is the problem?” said the teacher. “Let us try again.”

Answer: The teacher asked Tania if he had done her English lesson that day. Tania replied respectfully in the affirmative and said that she had done it but she had not understood some grammatical points. The teacher again asked her where the problem was. She suggested that they should try again.

48. “Have you killed the rates?” said the Mayor. “Yes, I have said the piper. “Give me the promised money.” “How funny!” said the Mayor, “we cannot give you so much money. Take only fifty.”

Answer: The Mayor asked the piper if he (P) had killed the rates. The Piper replied in the affirmative and said that he had. Then he (P) told the Mayor to give him (P) the promised money. The Mayor exclaimed in wonder that it was very funny. He added that they could not give him (P) so much money and told him to take only fifty.

49. “Have you completed your assignment?” said Nazneen. “No, I haven't completed yet,” replied Tania. “But you must submit it timely,” said Nazneen. “I worked on it for several hours yesterday,” replied Tania.

Answer: Nazneen asked Tania if she (T) had completed her (T) assignment. Tania replied in the negative and said that she had not completed yet. Being dissatisfaction, Nazneen told her (T) that she (T) must submit it timely. Tania replied that she had worked on it several hours the previous day.

50. I said to old man, “What are you doing?” “I am watching the boys swimming in the pond,” he said. “How happy they are! May Allah bless them.” “Let me sit by you and enjoy the scene.” I said.

Answer: I asked the old man what he was doing. He replied that he was watching the boys swimming in the pond. He also exclaimed that they were very happy. He again prayed that Allah might bless them. I requested the old man to let me sit by him and enjoy the scene.


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