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Passage Narration | Part - 02

English Grammar: Passage Narration (Part - 02)

11. “Why don't you attend my classes regularly?” The teacher said to the student. “You cannot expect good results unless you attend classes as I tell you.” “I am sorry, I have offended you.” “I was ill in those days,” said the student.

Answer: The teacher asked the student why he did not attend his classes regularly. The teacher also told that he (s) could not expect good results unless he (s) attended classes as he told him(s). The student courteously replied that he was sorry because he (student) had offended him (teacher) and said that he had been ill in those days.

12. “Hold your tongues!” he muttered on fiercely. “Have you not read the warning on the door?” “We pray for Allah’s pardon,” cried the dervishes. “Our lives are at your mercy.”

Answer: He muttered on fiercely to hold their tongues and asked if they had not read the warning on the door. The dervishes cried that they prayed for Allah’s pardon and added that their lives were at his mercy.

13. “Great king of the genies,” called the monster. “I will never again disobey you.” Hearing those words, the fisherman became very brave and said, “Tell me why you were locked up in the vase?” The giant looked at the fisherman and said, “Speak to me politely or I shall kill you.” “Why should you kill me?” asked the fisherman.

Answer: The monster called the great king of the genies and said that he would never again disobey him. Hearing those words, the fishermen became brave and asked the monster to tell him why he had been locked up in the vase. Then the giant angrily looked at him and told the fishermen to speak to him more politely, otherwise he would kill him. The fisherman asked the monster why he would kill him.

14. I said the passerby, “What are you seeing now?” “I am seeing the people running here and there” he said. “How happy they are! May God help them. Let me enjoy this.” I said.

Answer: I asked the passerby what he was seeing then. He said that he was seeing the people running here and there. I exclaimed with joy that they were very happy. Further I wished that God might help them. Then I told that I might be allowed to enjoy that.

15. The boy said, “I have to go to supper now. I can come again tomorrow.” I said, “I will pay you for what you have done.” “Ten cents an hour.” “Anything is all right.”

Answer: The boy said that he had to go to supper then. He again said that he could come again the next day. I told him that I would pay him for what he had done. Then I asked him if he agreed to accept ten cents an hour. He replied that anything was all right.

16. Omar(R) said to the woman, “Where do you live?” The woman said, “I live in a poor hut south end to this town. I am hungry but there is no food in my house. Will you give me something to eat?” Hazrat Omar(R) said, “Go home. I am coming with food and money.”

Answer: Omar (R) asked the woman where she lived. The woman replied that she lived in a poor hut south end to this town. She added that she was hungry but there was no food in her house. She also asked him if he would give her something to eat. Hazrat Omar (R) told her to go home and added that he was coming with food and money.

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17. “I have got GPA 5 in the S.S.C. Examination,” said Kamal. “Congratulations.” “What do you intend to do now?” asked Hasan. “I want to study in a reputed college.” “I will try to get myself admitted into Dhaka College,” said Kamal.

Answer: Salam said that he had got GPA 5 in the SSC examination. Hasan congratulated Salam. He asked him what he intend to do then. Salamreplied that he wanted to study in a reputed college and he added that he would try to get himself admitted into Dhaka College.

18. “Will you buy my hair?” asked Della. “I buy hair,” said Madame. “Take your hat off and let’s have a sight at the looks of it.”

Answer: Della asked Madame if she (M) would buy her (D) hair. Madame replied that she (M) bought hair. She (M) asked her (D) to take her hat off so that they might have a sight at the looks of that.

19. “Have you ever been to Cox's Bazar?” asked Shabab. “No, I have never gone there,” replied Labib. “But I desire for visiting the place.” “I had an opportunity to visit the sea beach last year,” said Shabab. “Let us go there this week.”

Answer: Shabab asked Labib if he ever been to Cox's Bazer. Labib replied in the negative that he (L) had never gone there. But he added that he desired for visiting the place. Shabab said that he had an opportunity to visit sea beach the previous year. He proposed that they should go there that week.

20. The teacher said to the Student, “Have you prepared your lesson today?” “No, Sir,” replied the student. The teacher said, “Why?” “I was suffering from headache. I shall do my work tomorrow,” replied the Student.

Answer: The teacher asked the student if he had prepared his lesson that day. He (S) respectfully replied that he had not. The teacher again asked why he had not prepared his lesson. The student replied that he had been suffering from headache the previous day. He (S) added that he would do his work the next day.


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