Narration/ Speech

Set: A

1. Direct Speech: She says, “I am ill”
Indirect Speech: She says that she is ill.

2. Direct Speech: Runa says, “We are going to school.”
Indirect Speech: Runa says that they are going to school.

Set: B

1. Direct Speech: Salim will say, “I am well”
Indirect Speech: Salim will say that he is well.

2. Direct Speech: He will say, “I am a good boy.”
Indirect Speech: He will say that he is a good boy.

Set: C

1. Direct Speech: He said, “I write a letter.”
Indirect Speech: He said that he wrote a letter.

2. Direct Speech: Rina said, “I shall do the work.”
Indirect Speech: Rina said that she would do the work.

3. Direct Speech: The boy said, “I am reading a book.”
Indirect Speech: The boy said that he was reading a book.

Set: D

1. Direct Speech: Rina said to me, “You have done well in the examination.”
Indirect Speech: Rina said to/ told me that I had done well in the examination.

Set: E

1. Direct Speech: The teacher said, “The earth moves round the sun.”
Indirect Speech: The teacher said that the earth moves round the sun.

Set: F (Assertive Sentence)

1. Direct Speech: Laboni said, “I shall do the sum.”
Indirect Speech: Laboni said that she would do the sum.

2. Direct Speech: Kamal said to me, “He will go to Dhaka”
Indirect Speech: Kamal said to me that he would go to Dhaka.

3. Direct Speech: They say to me, “You can help your father”
Indirect Speech: They tell me that I can help my father.

Set: G (Interrogative Sentence)

1. Direct Speech: Mother said to me, “Have you written the letter?”
Indirect Speech: Mother asked me if I had written the letter.

2. Direct Speech: Teacher said to me, “Will you go home?”
Indirect Speech: Teacher asked me if/ whether I would go home.

3. Direct Speech: Robin said, “Do you like flowers?”
Indirect Speech: Robin asked if I liked flowers.

4. Direct Speech: Teacher said to me, “Did you write an application?”
Indirect Speech: Teacher asked me if I had written an application.

5. Direct Speech: The man said to me, “What is your name?”
Indirect Speech: The man asked me what my name was.

6. Direct Speech: He said to me, “Where is the book?”
Indirect Speech: He asked me where the book was.

7. Direct Speech: Father said, “Which book have you read?”
Indirect Speech: Father asked which book I had read.

8. Direct Speech: Mother said to me, “Why did you go there?”
Indirect Speech: Mother asked me why I had gone there.

9. Direct Speech: Jim said to me, “When have you come?”
Indirect Speech: Jim asked me when I had come.

Set: H (Imperative Sentence)

1. Direct Speech: Mother said to me, “Always speak the truth.”
Indirect Speech: Mother advised me to speak the truth always.

2. Direct Speech: Teacher said to me, “Do it at once.”
Indirect Speech: Teacher told me to do it at once.

3. Direct Speech: Mother said to me, “Do not run in the sun.”
Indirect Speech: Mother ordered/ advised me not to run in the sun.

4. Direct Speech: Salim said to Rony, “Please lend me your pen.”
Indirect Speech: Salim requested Rony to lend him (S) his pen.
                       Or, Salim requested Rony to kindly lend him (S) his pen.

5. Direct Speech: He said to me, “Please don’t tell him the secrecy.”
Indirect Speech: He requested me not to tell him the secrecy.

6. Direct Speech: She said, “Rina, come here.”
Indirect Speech: She told Rina to go there.
                       Or, Addressing Rina she told her to go there.

7. Direct Speech: Students said to me, “Let us arrange for a picnic.”
Indirect Speech: Students proposed to me that they should arrange for a picnic.

8. Direct Speech: Friends said to me, “Let us read the book.”
Indirect Speech: Friends suggested me that we should read the book.

9. Direct Speech: Rakib said, “Let him say whatever he likes.”
Indirect Speech: Rakib said that he might say whatever he liked.

10. Direct Speech: He said to me, “Let me come in.”
Indirect Speech: He requested me that he might be allowed to come in.

Set: I (Optative Sentence)

1. Direct Speech: My mother said, “May God bless you.”
Indirect Speech: My mother prayed that God might bless me.

2. Direct Speech: Tamim said, “Long live the king.”
Indirect Speech: Tami prayed that the king might live long.

3. Direct Speech: Nazneen said, “May you be happy.”
Indirect Speech: Nazneen wished that I might be happy.

Set: J (Exclamatory Sentence)

1. Direct Speech: He said, “What a fool you are!”
Indirect Speech: He exclaimed with joy that I was a great fool.

2. Direct Speech: Shima said to him, “What a happy news it is!”
Indirect Speech: Shima told that it was a very happy news.

3. Direct Speech: Razu said, “Alas! My mother is dead.”
Indirect Speech: Razu exclaimed with sorrow that his mother was dead.

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