Important Computing & IT Related Abbreviations

CPU - Central Processing Unit

RAM - Random Access Memory

DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory

ROM - Read Only Memory

ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

EDVAC - Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer

EDSAC - Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator

UNIVAC - Universal Automatic Computer

ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

CD - Compact Disk

CD-R = Compact Disk Recordable

CD-RW = Compact Disk Rewritable

DVD - Digital Versatile Disc

DVD-ROM = Digital Versatile Disk-Read Only Memory

MOD - Magneto Optical Disk

IHD - Internal Hard Disk

EHD - External Hard Disk

USB - Universal Serial Bus

PCP - Parallel Communication Port

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface

UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply

RPM - Routine Preventive Maintenance

JCL - Job Control Language

IUI - Interactive User Interface

CSA - Client Server Architecture

IOS - Interactive Operating System

CPM - Control Programme for Microprocessor

DOS - Disk Operating System

MS-DOS = Microsoft Disk Operating System

GUI - Graphical User Interface

DSS - Digital Signal Stream

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

BCD - Binary Coded Decimal

EBCDIC - Extended Binary Coded Decimal Information Code

RDBMS - Relational Database Management System

LPP - Language Processor Program

PDE - Project Development Environment

ARPAnet - Advance Research Projects Agency Network

IP - Intellectual Property

IP - Internet Protocol

PCP/IP - Transmission Control/ Internet Protocol

ISH - Information Super Highway

GII - Global Information Infrastructure

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

NSF - National Science Foundation

IANA - International Assign Numbers Authority

AFD - Attach Files Document

DBMS - Database Management System

ABI - Application Binary Interface

AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port

CGI - Common Gateway Interface

CGI - Computer Generated Imagery

DDR - Double Data Rate

Gb - Gigabit

GB - Gigabyte

GPU - Graphics Processing Unit

HDD - Hard Disk Drive

HVD - Holographic Versatile Disc

KB - Keyboard

Kb - Kilobit

KB - Kilobyte

Mb - Megabit

MB - Megabyte

LAN - Local Area Network

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

WAN - Wide Area Network

WAP - Wireless Access Point

WAP - Wireless Application Protocol

LED - Light-Emitting Diode

LSB - Linux Standard Base

MAC - Mandatory Access Control

MAC - Media Access Control

OS - Open Source

OS - Operating System

PC - Personal Computer

PCL - Printer Command Language

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