41. What is the time _____ your watch?
a) by
b) in
c) at
d) with

Answer: a) by

42. Could you come back in a few hours! I have another job to do. I don’t want to put_____any anger.
a) it off
b) it across
c) it down
d) for it

Answer: a) it off

43. What is the meaning of the word ‘sequence’?
a) to follow
b) round up
c) withdraw
d) step

Answer: b) round up

44. A child in the first grade tends to be_____all of the other children in the class.
a) the same age to
b) the same age than
c) the same age like
d) the same age as

Answer: d) the same age as

45. What is the noun of the word ‘waste’?
a) waste
b) wasting
c) wastage
d) wasteful

Answer: c) wastage

46. Though the bus was slow I was_____for the class.
a) in time
b) late
c) on time
d) into time

Answer:c) on time

47. The children are frolicking in the garden.
a) crying
b) shouting
c) playing happily
d) having a quarrel

Answer: c) playing happily

48. Who is the most famous satirist in English literature?
a) Alexander Pope
b) Jonathan Swift
c) William Wordwarth
d) Butler

Answer: b) Jonathan Swift

49. Cutting a sorry figure means_____.
a) to look melancholy
b) to look apologetic
c) to act badly
d) to look miserable

Answer: c) to act badly

50. Look_____the word in the dictionary.
a) at
b) for
c) up
d) after

Answer: a) at

51. I went to the market with a view to_____a book.
a) bought
b) buy
c) buying
d) about

Answer: c) buying

52. He has been working_____for a month.
a) For
b) Since
c) Within
d) about

Answer: d) about

53. I_____ starve than beg.
a) better
b) rather
c) would rather
d) would better

Answer: c) would rather

54. I_____the picture on the wall yesterday.
a) hung
b) hang
c) had hanged
d) had been hang

Answer: e) hung

55. Which one is the verb of the word ‘Ability’?
a) ableness
b) enable
c) able
d) ably

Answer: b) enable

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