English Grammar: Completing Sentence: Part - 02

51. Tell me what_____.
a) you want?
b) he want?
c) can you do?
d) do you mean?
Answer: a) you want?

52. I shall swim after_____.
a) I have changed my dress
b) I shall changed my dress
c) I had changed my dress
d) I am changing my dress
Answer: b) I shall changed my dress

53. I know when he_____.
a) was coming
b) can be come
c) had come
d) will come
Answer: d) will come

54. I saw the boy who_____.
a) would be run in the field
b) was running to the field
c) was running in the field
d) was being come next week
Answer: b) was running to the field

55. I like_____.
a) what I make
b) what he make
c) what I make
d) what I know
Answer: a) what I make

56. I went to Dhaka and_____.
a) come to zoo
b) come to the zoo
c) visited to zoo
d) visited to the zoo
Answer: d) visited to the zoo

57. If you run in the rain_____.
a) you will feel hot
b) you will feel warm
c) you will catch cold
d) you will not again
Answer: c) you will catch cold

58. Can you tell me when_____.
a) will Tania return?
b) Tania will return?
c) Tania return?
d) Tania can be done?
Answer: b) Tania will return?

59. It is I who_____.
a) is a student
b) am a student
c) are a student
d) were a student
Answer: b) am a student

60. It is clear that_____.
a) Sultan has stolen my hart
b) Suborna have stolen my hart
c) Bably have stolen my hart
d) Sharika had stolen my hart
Answer: a) Sultan has stolen my hart

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