English Grammar: Completing Sentence (Part - 01)

Complete the following sentence:01. If you do not take exercise_____.
Answer: If you do not take exercise, you will be sick.

02. Jack died in the village where_____.
Answer: Jack died in the village where was born.

03. I asked him_____.
Answer: I asked him why he came.

04. The task is so hard_____.
Answer: The task is so hard that I cannot do it.

05. I like_____.
Answer: I like that I made.

06. Be helpful and_____.
Answer: Be helpful and bless me.

07. I know what_____.
Answer: I know what you told me.

08. If you do not hurry_____.
Answer: If you do not hurry, you will be fined.

09. Do or_____.
Answer: Do or die.

10. Unless you keep quiet_____.
Answer: Unless you keep quiet, you will be fined.

11. This is the pen which_____.
Answer: This is the pen which you gave me.

12. I saw a boy who_____.
Answer: I saw a boy who was running in the field.

13. Tell me how_____.
Answer: Tell me how old you are.

14. Jim ran as fast as_____.
Answer: Jim ran as fast as could.

15. This is the book that_____.
Answer: This is the book that I bought yesterday.

16. I know when he_____.
Answer: I know when he will come.

17. I went to India and_____.
Answer: I went India and visited to Taj Mohal.

18. A market is the place where_____.
Answer: A market is the place where things are bought and sold.

19. Do you know where_____.
Answer: Do you know where he lives.

20. When he saw me, _____.
Answer: When he saw me, he was surprised.

21. Although he is poor, _____.
Answer: Although he is poor, he is honest.

22. A doctor is the person who_____.
Answer: A doctor is the person who treats the patients.

23. No sooner had he come than_____.
Answer: No sooner had he come than we left out.

24. As he was ill_____.
Answer: As he was ill, he could not go to school.

25. The patent had died_____.
Answer: The patient had died before the doctor came.

26. He is too weak_____.
Answer: He is too weak to walk.

27. Since I believed his words_____.
Answer: Since I believed his words I did not ask for proof.

28. Have you heard that_____.
Answer: Have you heard that I have stood first in the examination.

29. If is I who_____.
Answer: It is who have done the work.

30. He works hard so that_____.
Answer: He works hard so that he can shine in life.

31. I shall help you_____.
Answer: I shall help you if you need.

32. Don’t talk while_____.
Answer: Don’t talk while she is singing.

33. We rejoice that_____.
Answer: We rejoice that our team has won the match.

34. Life is_____.
Answer: Life is not a bed of roses.

35. If you eat less you_____.
Answer: If you eat less, you will be sick.

36. The milk is too hot for me_____.
Answer: The milk is too hot for me to drink.

37. Five years have passed since_____.
Answer: Five years have passed since his father died.

38. Can you tell me when_____.
Answer: Can you tell me when Jack will return?

39. I shall swim after_____.
Answer: I shall swim after I shall change my dress.

40. I know the place where Nazrul_____.
Answer: I know the place where Nazrul was born.

41. We do not know_____.
Answer: We do not know our destiny.

42. A cow is an animal which_____.
Answer: A cow is an animal which gives us milk.

43. You, Jim and I_____.
Answer: You, Jim and I are friends.

44. If you run in the rain, _____.
Answer: If you run in the rain, you will catch cold.

45. Either he or his brother_____.
Answer: Either he or his brother has done the work.

46. Our family consists_____.
Answer: Our family consists of five members.

47. John does not know_____.
Answer: John does not know how to swim.

48. It is clear that_____.
Answer: It is clear that Robert has stolen my pen.

49. I saw a man who_____.
Answer: I saw a man who knew many stories.

50. Tell me what_____.
Answer: Tell me what you want.

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