Some Common Flowers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of varieties of flowers. Nature has adorned her with different kinds of flowers and made her a wonderful dreamland.

The best known flowers of Bangladesh are the rose, the Krishnachura, the Shimul, the Rajanigondha, the Gandharaj, the Bakul, the Jui, the Belli, the Kamini, the Chameli, the Lotus, the Lily, the water lily, the Dalia, the Jasmine, the Tagor, the Champa and the Sheuli.

Of all the flowers the rose is called the queen of flowers. It is superior to all other flowers in colour and smell. The Krishnachura, the palsh, the palash, the Shimul and the Champa are well known flowers of the spring. They look very beautiful but they have no smell.

The Sheuli is the flowers of autumn. It is small in size with bright white petals. It looks very charming. The marigold is a flower of winter. It has various colours, shapes and sizes. It looks very beautiful and charming. There are some flowers such as:- the Rajanigandha, the Gandharaj, the Bakul, the Hasnahena and the Jui that bloom at night and spread their sweet fragrance over a vast area. Besides of these, the Cosmos, the Dalia, the Chameli etc. add to the beauty of our gardens in winter.

There are some other that blooms in marshy lands, beels, canals and ponds. The lotus and the shapla are well known among them. The lotus is famous for its delicate perfume. Shapla is our national flower. It is white and pink in colour. When they are bloomed, the whole marshy land seems to be a wonderland of beauty.

There are also some wild flowers, which grow here and there in the country. They usually grow and fade beyond our notice. But they are beautiful indeed.

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