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Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Word | Part - 02

Note the missing Words/ Prepositions (answer are given within brackets)

51. The food is not _____ taste. (to)
52. He prevented me _____ going there. (from)
53. He counts much _____ your help. (upon)
54. Rony congratulated me _____ my success. (on)
55. There is no cause _____ anxiety. (for)

56. Salam succeeded _____ the examination. (in)
57. Taufiq is good _____ mathematics. (at)
58. The train has arrived _____ the station. (at)
59. Dr. Lina disposed _____ his ear. (of)
60. May I count _____ your support? (upon)

61. I cannot approve _____ your decision. (of)
62. He is addicted _____ gambling. (to)
63. All executive powers are vested _____ the President. (in)
64. He died _____ overexposure. (from)
65. I called _____ his place. (at)

66. I cannot part _____ this pen. (with)
67. Provide _____ the rainy days. (against)
68. I cannot part _____ this beautiful comb. (with)
69. I cannot cope _____ him. (with)
70. He is a scholar _____ repute. (of)

71. There is no armour _____ fate. (against0
72. He seems to be absorbed _____ thought. (in)
73. I cannot count _____ your help. (upon)
74. The boy jumped _____ the wall. (over)
75. He is fortunate _____ winning a prize. (in)

76. He was put _____ shame. (to)
77. Do not associate _____ bad boys. (with)
78. The ship is bound _____ Jedda. (for)
79. He was debarred _____ appearing at the examination. (from)
80. The Sundarbans abound _____ tiger. (with)

81. The girl burst _____ tears. (into)
82. He lacks _____ common sense. (in)
83. His addiction _____ smoking will ruin his health. (to)
84. A man is man _____ all that. (for)
85. I invited him _____ dinner. (to)

86. Are you proficient _____ English? (in)
87. I wouldn’t dream _____ being so rude as to answer you _____. (of, back)
88. He took advantage _____ my ignorance. (of)
89. I don’t get _____ very well _____ him. (on, with)
90. He looked me _____ the face. (at)

91. The speaker did not touch _____ this point. (on)
92. They agree _____ what you say. (to)
93. The man was relieved _____ his post. (of)
94. Aslam is no match _____ me. (for)
95. I am accustomed _____ plan living. (to)

96. He is blind _____ one eye. (of)
97. Is he _____ the committee? (on)
98. Are you aware _____ your defects. (of)
99. I sympathized _____ him in his misfortunes. (with)
100. He wrote to me _____ book. (for)

101. No medicine can cure a man _____ discontent. (of)
102. I insist _____ your going there. (on)
103. Do not boast _____ riches. (of)
104. The poet compared the life _____ a play. (to)
105. My sister was absent _____ school yesterday. (from)

106. He has been absent _____ Monday last. (since)
107. The poet compared the life _____ a play. (to)
108. He was heard _____ hearing. (of)
109. I am amazed _____ his conduct. (at)
110. The crow went in search _____ water. (of)

111. The police are inquiring _____ the matter. (into)
112. Ask him to comply_____ my request. (with)
113. Let us now retire _____ bed. (to)
114. _____ all his wealth, he is unhappy. (with)
115. His cpnduct consists _____ his cowardice. (in)
116. He was acquitted _____ the charge. (of)

117. Can you make _____ what I say? (out)
118. We waited _____ the minister. (on)
119. Your action admits _____ no excuse. 9of)
120. Ambition supplies stimulus _____ industry. (to)
121. Mina prides himself _____ his wealth. (on)

122. Open _____ page 56. (at)
123. He is heedless _____ everything. (of)
124. He was disappointed _____ my work. (at)
125. Mr. Kamal entrusted me _____ the work. (with)

126. Salam was married _____ a pretty girl. (to)
127. Do not run _____ debts. (into)
128. He died _____ suicide. (by)
129. He deals _____ rice. (in)

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