Note the missing Words/ Prepositions (answer are given within brackets)

01. He flew _____ a rage. (into)
02. Let us wait _____ the minister. (on)
03. The teacher dwelt _____ the subject. (on)
04. We should be ashamed _____ our conduct. (of)
05. Your passion _____ literature is praiseworthy. (for)

06. Let us proceed _____ the case. (with)
07. The girl had a red frock _____. (on)
08. The proposal is _____ consideration. (under)
09. He lives _____ Dhaka _____ Bangladesh. (at, in)
10. He orders me _____ as if I were his wife. (about)

11. She persists_____ wearing old-fashioned cloths. (in)
12. You have no taste _____ music. (for)
13. He was hard _____ work all the morning. (at)
14. The man is absorbed _____ meditation. (in)
15. He has little control _____ his son. (over)

16. You should abide ____ the orders of your principal. (by)

17. It is difficult to bear _____ such an insult. (with)
18. Are you capable _____ hard working? (of)
19. Now a days a father has little authority _____ his son. (over)
20. A boy should be prevented _____ going astray. (from)

21. I caught sight _____ her. (of)
22. The steamer touched _____ Chandpur. (at)
23. The ship is bound _____ Colombo. (for)
24. He is tall _____ his age. (for)
25. They rejoiced _____ their success. (in)

26. He prides himself _____ his skill as a player. (on)
27. He bears a grudge _____ you. (against)
28. Many persons have no taste _____ music. (for)
29. The Padma abounds _____ hilsa. (with)
30. A drawing man catches _____ a straw. (at)

31. Lean it _____ the wall if you don’t want it to fall _____. (against, down)
32. We will accept no compromise¬ _____ the enemy _____ on any terms. (with, on)
33. Mr. Jack presided _____ the meeting. (over)
34. He stared me _____ the face. (in)
35. Don’t jeer _____ him. (at)

36. Exercise is conductive _____ health. (to)
37. A miser does not want to part _____ his money. 9with)
38. Don’t jeer _____ him. (at)
39. I shall agree _____ the proposal. (to)
40. He died _____ fever. (of)

41. What do you want the money _____? (for)
42. Do you temper _____ my papers. (with)
43. He is blind _____ one eye. (of)
44. My father does not hanker _____ wealth. (after)
45. I am _____ the know of things. (in)

46. A friend _____ need is a friend indeed. 9in)
47. He looked down _____ me. (upon)
48. He was staring _____ the space. (at)
49. Is Mr. Rahman _____ the committee? (on)
50. The boy learnt the poem _____ heart. (by)
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