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The Staple Food of the People of Bangladesh

The Staple Food of the People of BangladeshRice is the staple food of the people of Bangladesh. It is obtained from the seed of a plant called paddy. Paddy grows well in hot and most climates and in low-lying land where rain water stands. Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of it.

There are four kinds of paddy which grow in our country. They are Aus, Aman, Boro and IRRI. Aus is sown in April and reaped in July or August. Aman is transplanted in between July and August and reaped in December. Boro is transplanted in winter and reaped in spring. Recently, IRRI is widely cultivated throughout the year for its high yield. Of these four kinds Aman is the best in quality.

There are two distinct processes of the cultivation of paddy. One is sowing and the other is transplanting. In the first process the seeds are sown in the fields. But in the second process the seeds are scattered on muddy lands. When they grow up to one or, one and half feet in height, they are transplanted in anot…

Some Common Flowers of Bangladesh

Some Common Flowers of BangladeshBangladesh is a land of varieties of flowers. Nature has adorned her with different kinds of flowers and made her a wonderful dreamland.

The best known flowers of Bangladesh are the rose, the Krishnachura, the Shimul, the Rajanigondha, the Gandharaj, the Bakul, the Jui, the Belli, the Kamini, the Chameli, the Lotus, the Lily, the water lily, the Dalia, the Jasmine, the Tagor, the Champa and the Sheuli.

Of all the flowers the rose is called the queen of flowers. It is superior to all other flowers in colour and smell. The Krishnachura, the palsh, the palash, the Shimul and the Champa are well known flowers of the spring. They look very beautiful but they have no smell.

The Sheuli is the flowers of autumn. It is small in size with bright white petals. It looks very charming. The marigold is a flower of winter. It has various colours, shapes and sizes. It looks very beautiful and charming. There are some flowers such as:- the Rajanigandha, the Gandharaj, …

Peasant of Bangladesh

Peasant of BangladeshIntroduction: Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture is the base of our economy and rural life. Agriculture still employs bulk of our population. So peasants are the backbone of our agricultural output, our food production and agro-based industries. Peasants are the vital element of our country and economy.

Condition: A peasant is a farmer who owns or leases a piece of land and which he cultivates himself. In our country most of the peasants are generally small farmers. They possess a small piece of land. They have no ploughs and bullocks to cultivate their lands. Many of them do not have enough land to grow enough food for them. In that case they cultivate the lands of those who have large areas of lands and do not cultivate themselves. They get a stipulated share of the produce. The share is generally half or one third of the total produce.

There are some landless peasants. They till other’s land and take a share of the produce. They work hard…

Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Word | Part - 02

Note the missing Words/ Prepositions (answer are given within brackets) 51. The food is not _____ taste. (to)
52. He prevented me _____ going there. (from)
53. He counts much _____ your help. (upon)
54. Rony congratulated me _____ my success. (on)
55. There is no cause _____ anxiety. (for)

56. Salam succeeded _____ the examination. (in)
57. Taufiq is good _____ mathematics. (at)
58. The train has arrived _____ the station. (at)
59. Dr. Lina disposed _____ his ear. (of)
60. May I count _____ your support? (upon)

61. I cannot approve _____ your decision. (of)
62. He is addicted _____ gambling. (to)
63. All executive powers are vested _____ the President. (in)
64. He died _____ overexposure. (from)
65. I called _____ his place. (at)

66. I cannot part _____ this pen. (with)
67. Provide _____ the rainy days. (against)
68. I cannot part _____ this beautiful comb. (with)
69. I cannot cope _____ him. (with)
70. He is a scholar _____ repute. (of)

71. There is no armour _____ fate. (against0

Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Word | Part - 01

Note the missing Words/ Prepositions (answer are given within brackets)01. He flew _____ a rage. (into)
02. Let us wait _____ the minister. (on)
03. The teacher dwelt _____ the subject. (on)
04. We should be ashamed _____ our conduct. (of)
05. Your passion _____ literature is praiseworthy. (for)

06. Let us proceed _____ the case. (with)
07. The girl had a red frock _____. (on)
08. The proposal is _____ consideration. (under)
09. He lives _____ Dhaka _____ Bangladesh. (at, in)
10. He orders me _____ as if I were his wife. (about)

11. She persists_____ wearing old-fashioned cloths. (in)
12. You have no taste _____ music. (for)
13. He was hard _____ work all the morning. (at)
14. The man is absorbed _____ meditation. (in)
15. He has little control _____ his son. (over)

16. You should abide ____ the orders of your principal. (by)

17. It is difficult to bear _____ such an insult. (with)
18. Are you capable _____ hard working? (of)
19. Now a days a father has little authority _____ his son…