Transformation of sentences (The Voice)

1. Water pollution should be stopped by us. (Active)
Answer: We should slop water pollution.

2. He is respected by all. (Active)
Answer: All respect him.

3. Everybody is pleased with him. (Active)
Answer: He pleases everybody.

4. These farmers must be supported. (Active)
Answer: We must support those farmers.

5. But we pollute water. (Passive)
Answer: But water is polluted by us.

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6. I accepted the invitation. (Passive)
Answer: The invitation was accepted by me.

7. We should visit his sweet palace. (Passive)
Answer: His sweet palace should be visited by us.

8. Books introduce us to the best society. (Passive)
Answer: We are introduced to the best society by books.

9. It paralyses the whole nation. (Passive)
Answer: The whole nation is paralyzed by it.

10. Everybody respects her. (Passive)
Answer: She 1s respected by everybody.

11. We should hold him high. (Passive)
Answer: He should be held high by us.

12. We should follow them. (Passive)
Answer: They should he followed by us.

13. We should help him in his work. (Passive)
Answer: He should be helped by us in his work.

14. He offers his prayers very sincerely. (Passive)
Answer: His prayers time prayed very sincerely.

15. The writer depicted a very realistic society. (Passive)
Answer: A very realistic society was depicted by the writer.

16. We should take care of her. (Passive)
Answer: She should be taken care of us.

17. He inspired the people to fight for independence. (Passive)
Answer: The people were inspired to fight for independence by him.

18. A sick man can not enjoy life. (Passive)
Answer: Life can not be enjoyed by a sick man.

19. I love him very much (Passive)
Answer: He is loved very much by me.

20. His son prefers only toys. (Passive)
Answer: Only toys are preferred by his son.

21. People forget their miseries for the time being. (Passive)
Answer: Their miseries are forgotten for the time being by people.

22. They never tell a lie. (Passive)
Answer: A lie is never told by them.

23. He never tells a lie. (Passive)
Answer: A lie is never told by him.

24. So we must plant trees for our existence. (Passive)
Answer: So trees must be planted by us for our existence.

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