Transformation of sentences (Exclamatory Sentences)

1. Honey is very sweet. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How sweet honey is!

2. Water is very important. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How important water is!

3. It is very easy to operate. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How easy it is to operate!

4. I spent a wonderful time there. (Exclamatory)
Answer: What at wonderful time l spent there!

5. It is very ferocious. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How ferocious it is!

6. Its streets are very crowded. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How crowded its streets are!

7. They are very smart in their work. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How smart they are in their work!

8. The city people lead a miserable life. (Exclan1atory)
Answer: What a miserable life the city people lead!

9. He is very friendly with all his classmates. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How friendly he is with all his classmates!

10. He talks so loudly. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How loudly he talks!

11. His grand daughter sings very sweetly (Exclamatory).
Answer: How sweetly his grand daughter sings!

12. Here the village people lead a very simple life. (Exclamatory)
Answer: What a simple life here the village people lead!

13. The poor people lead the miserable life. (Exclamatory)
Answer: What a miserable life the poor people lead!

14. She sings very sweetly. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How sweetly she sings!

15. She talks very smartly. (Exclamatory)
Answer: Howl smartly she talks!

16. It was a very interesting hook. (Exclamatory)
Answer: What an interesting book it was!

17. He behaves very nicely. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How nicely he behaves!

18. It plays a very important role in our life. (Exclamatory)
Answer:What an important role it plays in our life!

19. He does his works accurately (Exclamatory)
Answer: How accurately he does his works!

20. She is very kind to her patients. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How kind she is to her patients!

21. He speaks so softly. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How softly he speaks!

22. His tone is very sweet (Exclamatory)
Answer: How sweet his bone is!

23. But today they lead a very miserable life. (Exclamatory)
Answer: But what a miserable life they lead today!

24. Mrs. Mahmud is an excellent lady (Exclamatory)
Answer: What an excellent lady Mrs. Malunud is!

25. Trees play an important role in our environment. (Exclamatory)
Answer: What an important role trees play in our environment!

26. Their Only daughter dances very nicely. (Exclamatory)
Answer: How nicely their only daughter dances!

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