Transformation of degrees of comparison

1. I was glad to see the sea beaches in the world. (Positive)
Answer: How glad I was to see the sea beaches in the world!

2. It is one of the longest sea beaches in the world (Positive).
Answer: Very few sea beaches in the world are as long as it.

3. Price hike is one of the biggest problems for them (Positive)
Answer: Very few problems for them are as big as price hike.

4. It is more important than any other thing. (Positive)
Answer: No other thing is as important as it.

5. Dhaka is more densely populated than most other cities in the world. (Positive)
Answer: Very few cities in the world are so densely populated as Dhaka.

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6. It is more populous than any other city in the world. (Positive)
Answer: No other city in the world is as populous as it.

7. Karim is one of the oldest man in the village. (Positive)
Answer: Very few men in the village are as old as Karin.

8. Very few countries in the world are as populous as Bangladesh. (Comparative)
Answer: Bangladesh is more populous than most other countries in the world.

9. Mrs. Sabrina is one of the greatest singers in the world. (Comparative)
Answer: Mrs. Sabnrta is greater than most other singers in the world.

10. It is the most peaceful city in the world. (Comparative)
Answer: It is more peaceful than any other city in the world.

11. Price bike is one of the biggest problems. (Comparative)
Answer: Price hike is bigger than most other problems.

12. It is one of the biggest problems. (Comparative)
Answer: It is bigger than most other problems.

13. Very few insects are as busy as the bee. (Comparative)
Answer: The bee is busier than most other insects.

14. Books are the greatest friends. (Comparative)
Answer: Books are greater than any other friend.

15. No other part of my life was as memorable as student life. (Superlative)
Answer: Student life was the most memorable part of my life.

16. No other teacher in the university is so efficient as she. (Superlative)
Answer: She is the most efficient teacher in the university.

17. Very few things for this are as important as education. (Superlative)
Answer: Education is one of the most important things for this.

18. It is more dreadful than any other problem. (Superlative)
Answer: It is the most dreadful problem.

19. No other man in the village is so good as he. (Superlative)
Answer: He is the best man in the village.

20. No other boy in the class is as good as Tareq. (Superlative)
Answer: Tareq is the best boy in the class.

21. No other thing is as useful as mobile phone. (Superlative)
Answer: Mobile phone is the most useful thing.

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