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Transformation of sentences | Affirmative & Negative Sentences

Transformation of sentences (Affirmative & Negative)

1. Here life is not easy. (Affirmative)
Answer: Here life is difficult.

2. He never gets up late. (Affirmative)
Answer: He always gets up early.

3. Mr. Hamid is not a complicated-minded person. (Affirmative)
Answer: Mr. Hamid is a simple-minded person.

4. He is never late in his class. (Affirmative)
Answer: He is always punctual in his class.

5. We cannot but stand against corruption. (Affirmative)
Answer: We must stand against corruption.

6. The drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. (Affirmative)
Answer: The drivers are unwilling to obey the traffic rules.

7. It is not expensive. (Affirmative)
Answer: It is cheap.

8. I shall never forget my school life. (Affirmative)
Answer: I shall always remember my school life.

9. People will never forget her. (Affirmative)
Answer: People will always remember her.

10. We cannot but read books to enrich our mind. (Affirmative)
Answer: We must read books to enrich our mind.

11. The bee is an industrious creature. (Negative)
Answer: The bee is not an idle creature.

12. I shall always remember this journey (Negative).
Answer: I shall never forget the journey.

13. Everybody of the department honours her. (Negative)
Answer: None of the department dishonours her.

14. Their dedication is immeasurable (Negative).
Answer: Their dedication is not measurable.

15. Corruption is a curse to our nation. (Negative)
Answer: Corruption is not a blessing to our nation.

16. He is strong and active. (Negative)
Answer: He is not weak and lazy.

17. Education is the only way to develop our country. (Negative)
Answer: Nothing but education is the way to develop our country.

18. The causes of traffic jam are many. (Negative)
Answer: The causes of traffic jam are not few.

19. Dhaka is a big city. (Negative)
Answer: Dhaka is not a small city.

20. He is attentive to his studies. (Negative)
Answer: He is not inattentive to his studies.

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21. It lives together. (Negative)
Answer: It doesn't live separately.

22. He leads a happy life. (Negative)
Answer: He does not lead an unhappy life.

23. But its residents are diligent. (Negative)
Answer: But its residents are not lazy.

24. Her style of teaching is different (Negative)
Answer: Her style of teaching is not the same.

25. Day to day life in the city is expensive. (Negative)
Answer: Day to day life in the city is not cheap.


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