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Important ICT Related Abbreviations

ICT Related Abbreviations

  1. ICT — Information and Communication Technology
  2. BPL — Broadband over Power Lines
  3. GPRS — General Packet Radio Service
  4. HSPA — High Speed Packet Access
  5. SIM — Subscriber Identity Module
  6. URL — Uniform Resource Locator
  7. WWW — World Wide Web
  8. W3C — World Wide Web Consortium
  9. LAN — Local Area Network
  10. WAN — Wide Area Network
  11. MAN — Metropolitan Area Network
  12. HTTP — Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  13. HTTPS — Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure
  14. IP — Internet Protocol
  15. VPN — Virtual Private Network
  16. PC — Personal Computer
  17. IC — Integrated Circuit
  18. DNS — Domain Name System
  19. ASP — Application Service Provider
  20. API — Application Programming Interface

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  1. HTML — Hypertext Markup Language
  2. HTTP — Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  3. ASP — Active Server Page or Application Service Provider
  4. MAC — Media Access Control
  5. PHP — Hypertext Preprocessor
  6. BINAC — Binary Automatic Computer
  7. ASCII — American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  8. BCD — Binary Coded Decimal
  9. BIOS — Basic Input Output System
  10. ALU — Arithmetic Logic Unit
  11. I/O — Input/Output
  12. RAM — RandomAccess Memory
  13. ROM — Read Only Memory
  14. DDR — Double Data Rate
  15. DDR2 — Double Data Rate 2
  16. DDR3 — Double Data Rate Type 3
  17. GB — Gigabyte
  18. Gb — Gigabit
  19. MB — Megabyte
  20. Mb — Megabit
  21. KB — Keyboard
  22. Kb — Kilobit
  23. HD — High Density
  24. HDD — Hard Disk Drive
  25. VIRUS - Vital Information Resources Under Siege
  26. CD — Compact Disc
  27. DVD — Digital Versatile Disc
  28. FAT — File Allocation Table
  29. SDK — Software Development Kit
  30. PDF — Portable Document Format
  31. PSD — Photoshop Document
  32. PNG — Portable Network Graphics
  33. GIF — Graphics Interchange Format
  34. JPEG — Joint Photographic Experts Group
  35. MPEG — Moving Picture Experts Group
  36. MP3 — MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3
  37. XML — Extensible Markup Language

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