English MCQ :Part - 01

1. Fill in the blank of the following sentence with the right form of verb. if I _____ a king!
a) shall be
b) am
c) was
d) were

Answer: d) were

2. Which of the following is correct sentences?

a) He succeeded to win the prize.
b) He succeeded at winning the prize.
c) He succeeded to wining the prize.
d) He succeeded in winning the prize.

Answer: d) He succeeded in winning the prize.

3. Which of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth's surface ?
a) Marine Ecosystem
b) Desert Ecosystem
c) Mountain Ecosystem
d) Fresh water Ecosystem

Answer: a) Marine Ecosystem

4. The antonym of the word 'Similar' is _____ .
a) Akin
b) Like
c) Effortless
d) Different

Answer: d) Different

5. Noureen will discuss the issue with Nasir ___ phone.
a) in
b) over
c) by
d) on

Answer: b) over

6. The plural form 'Calf' is _____ .
a) Calfs
b) Calves
c) Caff
d) Calfes

Answer: b) Calves

7. Some writer sink _____ oblivion in course of time
a) on
b) from
c) under
d) into

Answer: d) into

8. Which is the right spelling?
a) Magnanimus
b) Magnanimous
c) Maganimous
d) Meganimous

Answer: b) Magnanimous

9. 'Call to mind' means _____ .
a) fantasize
b) attend
c) remember
d) request

Answer: c) remember

10. I prefer tea _____ coffee.
a) for
b) than
c) from
d) to

Answer: d) to

11. 'Pass away' means?
a) disappear
b) die
c) erase
d) fall

Answer: b) die

12. The synonym of the word 'Utilize' is _____ .
a) Employ
b) Discard
c) Discharge
d) Reject

Answer: a) Employ

13. I saw a _____ of cows in the field.
a) group
b) herd
c) swarm
d) flock

Answer: herd

14. Pick the word that is synonymous with 'authoritarian'.
a) autocratic
b) senior
c) elderly
d) potential

Answer: a) autocratic

15. When one is 'pragmatic' he is being _____ .
a) wasteful
b) productive
c) practical
d) fussy

Answer: c) practical

16. The word 'permissive' implies.
a) humble
b) law-abiding
c) liberal
d) submissive

Answer: c) liberal

17. A song embodying religious and sacred emotions _____ .
a) Lyric
b) ode
c) Hymn
d) Ballad

Answer: c) Hymn

18. Each of the sons followed __ father's trade.
a) their
b) her
c) his
d) whose

Answer: c) his

19. The jury found the prisoner guilty. Here 'jury' is _____ .
a) Collective Noun
b) Proper Noun
c) Common Noun
d) Abstract Noun

Answer: a) Collective Noun

20. Subject-verb agreement refers to _____ .
a) person only
b) number, person and gender
c) number and person
d) number only

Answer: c) number and person

21. He went to _____ and _____ .
a) the Canada, USA
b) Canada, the USA
c) the Canada, the USA
d) Canada, USA

Answer: b) Canada, the USA

22. The error in the sentence, 'One of the recommendation made by the committee was accepted by the authorities' is _____ .
a) recommendation
b) was
c) accepted by
d) committee

Answer: a) recommendation

23. List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting _____ .
a) Schedule
b) Timetable
c) Agenda
d) Plan

Answer: c) Agenda

24. 'The French' refers to _____ .
a) The French people
b) the French Language
c) the French manners
d) the French society

Answer: a) The French people

25. If a person cannot stop taking drugs, he is _____ .
a) attached to them
b) committed to them
c) addicted to them
d) devoted to them

Answer: a) addicted to them

26. The man died _____ overeating.
a) by
b) of
c) for
d) from

Answer: d) from

27. The word 'officialese' means _____ .
a) plural number of official
b) language used in offices
c) plural number of offices
d) vague expressions

Answer: b) language used in offices

28. 'Ode to Autumn' is written by _____ .
a) PB Shelley
b) W. Wordsworth
c) John Keats
d) S.T. Coleridge

Answer: c) John Keats

29. 'Succumb' means _____ .
a) achieve
b) submit
c) win
d) conquer

Answer: b) submit

30. I'll write down the phone number _____ I forget.
a) unless
b) in case
c) so that
d) even though

Answer: b) in case

31. We look forward _____ a response from you.
a) to receiving
b) to receive
c) in receiving
d) for receiving

Answer: a) to receiving

32. If a part of a speech or writing breaks the theme, it is called _____ .
a) pomposity
b) digression
c) exaggeration
d) anti-climax

Answer: b) digression

33. In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to _____ .
a) driving a car
b) when one drives a car
c) the driving of a car
d) when we drive a car

Answer: a) driving a car

34. The expression 'take into account' means _____ .
a) count numbers
b) consider
c) think seriously
d) assess

Answer: b) consider

35. Which of the following word is a verb?
a) race
b) purification
c) reader
d) bell

Answer: d) bell

36. 'Such claim needs to be tested empirically' means _____ .
a) The test should be based on experience
b) The test should be based on idea
c) The test should be based on assumption
d) The test should be based on calculation

Answer: a) The test should be based on experience

37. Which one of the following is the synonym of the word 'dreary'?
a) faded
b) dull
c) cheerful
d) strong

Answer: c) cheerful

38. The idiom 'put up with' means _____ .
a) stay together
b) tolerate
c) keep trust
d) protect

Answer: b) tolerate

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