01. English Language (Sentence & their Elements)
02. English Language (Listening & Speaking)
03. English Language (Reading & Writing)
04. Introduction to Computer
05. Basic Mathematics
06. Principles of Accounting
07. Comparative Social System
08. Business Communication
09. Business Mathematics
10. Environment Management
11. Principles of Psychology
12. Financial Accounting
13. Principles of Management
14. Microeconomics
15. Principles of Finance
16. Principles of Marketing
17. Financial Management
18. Business Ethics & Social Responsibilities
19. Macroeconomics
20. Marketing Management
21. Computer Application in Bus
22. Organizational Behavior
23. Business Statistics
24. Socio Economic Study of Bangladesh
25. Business Law
26. Small Business Management
27. Cost Accounting
28. Advanced Statistics
29. International Business
30. Operations Management
31. Human Resource Management
32. Management Accounting
33. Research Methods
35. Management Information System
36. Strategic Management

NB: Subject's name may differ according to different University. Since, we will try to update regularly this page. Please propose to update by providing actual info below comments.

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