HSC English 2nd Paper Letter & Dialogue Suggestion for 2015 (Jessore Board)


Write an application to your principal/D.C/ U.N.O/ Chairman:
01. for audio system in class room.
02. for sea in the college hostel.
03. for a Study Tour.
04. for a Testimonial/ TC/ Full-free studentship/ Stipend.
05. for a Common Room/ Canteen/ Computer Club/ English Language Club / Literacy Club/ Library Facilities.

06. for the change of one of the elective subjects.
07. for the repair/ Construct of a bridge/ Road.
08. Sinking tube-well.
09. Relief for flood/ SIDR affected people.

Job Applications

01. for the post of Sakes Executive.
02. for the post of a nurse.
03. for the post of an Accountant.
04. for the post of lecturer in English.
05. for the post of office Executive.

06. for the post of junior officer.
07. for the post of Field Workers.
08. for the post of Medical Representative.
09. for the post of Marketing Trainers.
10. for the post of Human Resource officer.

Letter Writing

01. for sending some money
02. about bad effect of smoking.
03. to join a picnic.
04. about important of English.
05. inviting him to your sister marriage ceremony.

06. inviting him to join your birthday party.

Letter to Editor

01. about Arsenic problem in your locality.
02. about frequent load shedding in your locality.
03. about increase of terrorism in your area.
04. about unfair means in the exam hall.
05. about high price of essential commodities.


01. benefits of early rising.
02. load shedding.
03. bad effects of deforestation.
04. village life and city life.
05. tree plantation.

06. choice of career.
07. visiting a book fair.
08. acid throwing.
09. arsenic pollution.
10. doctor and patient.

11. use and abuse of mobile phone/ use of internet.
12. punctuality of student life/ Preparation HSC exam.
13. environment pollution.
14. impotence of learning English.
15. bad effects of smoking.

16. coming exam.
17. How to make a good result.

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