01. Deforestation/ Tree Plantation
02. Global Warming/ Green House Effect/ Climate Change
03. Earth Quake
04. Internet/ Facebook
05. Gender Discrimination
06. Price Hike/ Spiral
07. Environment Pollution
09. Female Education
10. My Family/ Nuclear Family
11. Bangladesh
12. Premature/ Early Marriage/ The Curse of Dowry
13. College Library/ Magazine
14. International Mother Language Day
15. Necessity of Learning English/Education
16. A book Fair
17. Good Health
18. Victory Day/ Independence Day
19. Winter Morning
20. Hartal Day


01. Robert Bruce and the Spider.
02. The king and the astrologer.
03. Seikh Saddi and his dress.
04. Money cannot bring happiness.
05. The grocer and the fruit seller.
06. The dove and the ant.
07. where there is a will there is a way.
08. Who is to bell the cat.
09. Einestein and the queen.
10. Androcles and the lion.
11. Socrates and his wife.
12. The hare and the tortoise.
13. The cook and his master.
14. A. K. Fazlul Haque.
15. Taimur and the old lady.
16. The English boy and the Napoleon.
17. Dr. Alfred Nobel.
18. Kazi Nazrul Islam.
19. King Lear anf three daughters.
20. Alexander and king Puru.

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